BOSTON (CBS) – A jury at Suffolk Superior Court has ruled that the Red Sox did not act negligently, rejecting a fan’s $9.5 million lawsuit after she was hit in the face by a foul ball in 2014.

Brookline resident Stephanie Taubin was sitting in the EMC Club at Fenway Park in 2014. David Ortiz hit a foul ball that struck Taubin in the face.

fan Jury Sides With Red Sox In $9.5 Million Foul Ball Lawsuit

Stephanie Taubin was hit in the face with a ball at Fenway Park (WBZ-TV)

The seats are normally protected by glass. Due to renovations at the time, however, the glass had been removed.

Taubin sued the team for $9.5 million, claiming the club was negligent for removing the glass. She suffered facial fractures and neurological damage.

fenway Jury Sides With Red Sox In $9.5 Million Foul Ball Lawsuit

Fenway Park (WBZ-TV)

On Wednesday, jurors disagreed, ruling the team did not act negligently. Jurors issued their verdict after about two hours of deliberations.

During the trial, attorneys for the Red Sox asked Taubin if she was aware of warning signs posted around Fenway Park. Taubin said she was.

Taubin also told the jury she did not lose any wages because of the injury.

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  1. Tod Parker says:

    There was some guy at the corner store saying what a great move it was by Sox lawyer in closing arguments saying she always looked like she was hit with a baseball. Was that really done?

  2. The back of the ticket clearly says that a fan entering the ballpark assumes all the risks associated with the game of baseball. As such her lawsuit was contractually invalid. Also, she should have been watching the game so she could have seen the ball coming.

  3. bring a glove, pay attention, or sit in the center field bleachers; or stay home.

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