BOSTON (CBS) – The Memorial Day weekend is just about here and it is a time that we remember and honor the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Many parades and activities are scheduled across the region to do just that so the weather is extremely important to all of us.

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It is also the weekend which many consider to be the unofficial beginning of summer. Our expectations are always high but statistics show that this long holiday weekend has been disappointing over the years. Just last year, the weather was cool and clammy with a raw easterly breeze and some mist with high temperatures 61 on Saturday, 67 on Sunday and only 54 on Memorial Day!

2018 record highs boston Memorial Day Weekend Forecast: Temperatures From 90s To 50s

(WBZ-TV graphic)

This weekend’s weather all hinges on a frontal boundary that will cause a dramatic shift in temperature. Before its arrival, a brisk westerly wind will escort warm to hot air into the region with temperatures reaching near record levels. Boston’s temperature could briefly touch 90 this afternoon and that could happen again early tomorrow afternoon before any ocean cooling commences. The humidity will be in the comfortable range today then ramp up tomorrow.


Current trends suggest the cold front will be chugging southward across northern New England tomorrow with a late afternoon shift from southern New Hampshire and southern Maine into northeastern Mass. late tomorrow afternoon.

sat2pm Memorial Day Weekend Forecast: Temperatures From 90s To 50s

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Before that, the wind may become sufficiently light to initiate some slight breeze in from the ocean in the Boston area north but the temperature plunge is more likely to occur with and following the frontal passage late tomorrow. There could be a drop of more than 20 degrees on the North Shore by early evening. That will drop into the Boston area the first part of Saturday evening.

sat5pm Memorial Day Weekend Forecast: Temperatures From 90s To 50s

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Accompanying this front, there is a risk of a few spotty showers or boomers but, while it bears watching, it appears the atmosphere will not be primed for much action, especially severe weather. The front will continue to shift southward through tomorrow evening so the entire region will be engulfed in a cool, rather moist Maritime air mass on Sunday. The temperatures may actually fall a bit from the upper 50’s to the middle 50’s as migrating parcels of mist and showers occur.

sat8pm Memorial Day Weekend Forecast: Temperatures From 90s To 50s

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Some improvement is expected on Memorial Day as a weak wave of low pressure exits out to sea and enables slight ridging and drier air to build into the area.

monday Memorial Day Weekend Forecast: Temperatures From 90s To 50s

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Consequently, after a damp, gloomy start, conditions seem favorable for a process of drying and sunshine to break out through the clouds especially in western New England where temperatures may reach the lower to middle 70’s. Over eastern New England, a rise into the 60’s is probable with coastal readings making it near or slightly over 60 as a weaker onshore breeze blows.


The best conditions will exist on Saturday as cool, damp weather is likely on Sunday into early Monday. Tides will be high mid-late morning as the weekend progresses with low tides mid-late afternoon. The wind will be brisk west-southwesterly on Friday and decreasing on Saturday. Sunday’s wind will be brisk northeasterly at 12-25 knots yielding choppier seas.

beachboating Memorial Day Weekend Forecast: Temperatures From 90s To 50s

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Remember that the water temperatures are only in the middle to upper 50’s. Visibility will be variable, lowering in haze and dropping under a mile in any fog banks over the coastal waters.


The air will become more humid on Saturday and it will be noticeable but not excessive. The visibility will decrease in some haze and there will be a risk of a shower or boomer over some of the northern mountains late Saturday. There will likely be a layer of low clouds yielding spotty mist and scattered showers on Sunday. Breaking clouds are possible on Monday.

Whatever the weather, have a happy and safe holiday weekend! I will be working Saturday morning and all day Sunday. Eric Fisher will be on duty Friday evening and Saturday evening. David Epstein will be on duty Monday morning. Keep apprised of updated forecasts on WBZ-TV and


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