BOSTON (CBS) – If you don’t care about sports, fine, that’s your right. But if you are a big sports fan, especially a Boston sports fan, you understand the basic rule of being a true fan – your allegiances aren’t transferable.

That’s why the sight of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney cheering on the Utah Jazz Monday night was so disconcerting. When he was here, Romney claimed to be a Celtics fan, and actually owned Red Sox season tickets.

But now Romney is running for senator in Utah.

“If I become your senator I’ll fight for freedom, I’ll fight for our values, Utah values,” he told a crowd recently.

Utah values? What the heck are those? And do they require you to abandon your past sports allegiances?

Mitt Romney at a Boston Celtics game in 2012. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

I understand, it isn’t easy to be a pol on the make in one city while rooting for a team the locals hate.

But that hasn’t deterred New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who grew up in Cambridge, from his lifelong support of the Red Sox, to the point of refusing to attend a Yankee playoff game.

Now that’s a profile in sports fan courage.

So was the determination of Cambridge police chief Branville Bard, who refused to ditch his love for the Philadelphia Eagles even when they faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Cambridge Police Commissioner Branville Bard (WBZ-TV)

You gotta respect a pol who stands by their team even when it may cost them a few votes. And while it isn’t likely to happen, a Utah Jazz-Boston Celtics NBA Finals would pose a problem for Mitt Romney – he might have to clone himself.

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  1. Well, not all New Englanders will agree with you Jon Keller sports is sports not politics. I’m a die hard Patriot fan, a Red Sox fan and Bruins fan but not a Celtics fan however since my team is not in the playoff I am cheering on the Celtics.
    I can understand Mitt Romneys situation and I wouldn’t look at it any other way. He was the gov living here but he’s now living in UT running for Senate. For you to make this an issue where there is none is laughable.
    Stick to politics not sports.

    Stella Sherman
    Franklin Ma

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