LYNN (CBS) — A man accused of killing his wife was ordered held without bail after he was arraigned in Lynn District Court.

According to court documents, Miguel Castillo, 55, admitted to beating his wife, 47-year-old Luz Yanina Acevedo Gomez, to death with a baseball bat.

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The Essex District Attorney’s Office said they found the woman’s body during a well-being check on a Chase Street home around 4:45 a.m. Monday.

8 Chase Street in Lynn. (WBZ-TV | Lisa Gresci)

Castillo was home at the time and arrested. When police arrived, they say Castillo held out his wrists and said “go ahead, take me, I just killed my wife.”

Inside the second floor they found the bloodied body of Acevado, and they also discovered a black metal baseball bat covered with blood.

On Monday afternoon a crime scene investigator left the apartment carrying a large cardboard box, a law enforcement source told WBZ’s David Robichaud it contained the murder weapon. Several other bags filled with evidence were also removed from the building.

Investigators believe the cause of her death was blunt force trauma.

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The building supervisor said the couple had lived there about nine months and there was no history of problems.

However, one resident said he often heard loud arguments. “I would hear banging or whatever or yelling and look down hallway and I’d see them so it seemed like volatile relationship that was unfortunately going to end the way that it did,” said Jon Nameika.

Miguel Castillo (WBZ-TV)

One neighbor said they heard screams overnight, then they suddenly stopped.

Jason Lord, who lives in the Chase Street building, told WBZ-TV that he is not surprised because horrible things have happened in the building before. He said a man was raped and beaten with a guitar in the basement of the building last year.

“I feel sorry for the family. I’ll say a prayer for them tonight. It’s a shame, it’s a shame when it happens here, it’s a shame when it happens across the street, it’s a shame when it happens in another city, it’s a shame when it happens anywhere. But just is what it is,” said Lord.

At one point during the proceedings Castillo almost fell over, and had to be held up by court officers.

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There is no record of the victim taking out any restraining orders and Castillo had no criminal history. He’s being held without bail.