By Louisa Moller

MEDFORD (CBS) – Facing angry parents and a lot of questions, Medford’s school superintendent announced he will retire early.

The news comes a week after parents learned Superintendent Roy Belson knew about a loaded gun magazine found in the middle school weeks before anyone reported it to police.

Medford School Superintendent Roy Belson (WBZ-TV)

Supporters of Belson broke into applause as the mayor of Medford commended his 50 years of service to Medford Public Schools. After a school committee meeting that lasted hours behind closed doors, the crowd learned that the superintendent will retire more than a month early on April 30.

It’s a compromise after many parents called for him to step down.

“Well naturally, I wouldn’t like my career to end this way,” Belson said. “But I still think that we were able to do a lot and remember this is 50 years, 23 as superintendent.”

The calls came when the public learned that a loaded gun magazine was found in the McGlynn Middle School back in December. And while cleaning out his office, the principal inadvertently threw it away.

The gun magazine clip found inside the McGlynn Middle School in Medford. (WBZ-TV)

Belson admits he did not inform police, who found out about the ammo more than two months later. Belson has now apologized but some kids and parents say they still don’t feel safe.

“A decision was made that people don’t agree with but it also set off a whole series of concerns in the community that never was my intent,” Belson said.

Belson’s retirement is not the only change. A security audit will be performed at all Medford schools and a new security director will be appointed.

The principal of McGlynn Middle School is on administrative leave. It was also made public Tuesday night that the principal of McGlynn Elementary School also knew about the ammunition long before police did.

Louisa Moller


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