BOSTON (CBS) – Troopers chased down a gang of 25-35 bikers on busy Interstate 93 South in Boston, shutting down traffic Saturday. Mayor Marty Walsh says these riders are causing major problems in the city.

“I think they’re getting a little bold and they figure we can do this on our highways and that’s a major concern,” Walsh said on Sunday.

bikes2 Marty Walsh Slams Bold Gang Of Bikers Who Caused Chaos On I 93

Bikers on Interstate 93 in Dorchester. (Image Credit: @str8up_frank/Twitter)

A trooper fired his weapon in the pursuit, hitting a 28-year-old man from Randolph. The motorcyclist is expected to be okay.

Dirt Bike Gang: 7 Bikers Charged In I-93 Chaos

“They caused a lot of problems. It was a nice day yesterday and they decided to take it on the highway and seven people were arrested,” said Walsh.

bikes3 Marty Walsh Slams Bold Gang Of Bikers Who Caused Chaos On I 93

An ATV left at the scene where dozens of riders caused havoc on Interstate 93. (WBZ-TV)

Drivers feared for their safety, telling WBZ-TV they saw dozens of riders on dirt bikes and ATVs popping wheelies and jumping the median.

“The drivers were beeping. Mostly wearing masks – their faces were obscured. Almost every driver, almost every rider I should say,” a witness said.

bikes Marty Walsh Slams Bold Gang Of Bikers Who Caused Chaos On I 93

Dirt bikes and ATVs towed from Interstate 93. (WBZ-TV)

Twenty off-road vehicles were hauled away as a part of the investigation.

Walsh hopes a stunt like this never happens again.

“Hopefully they’ll think secondly about putting something like that on the highway again,” he said.

Comments (10)
  1. Paul King says:

    Get a rope. Stretch it across the road. Wait.

  2. It’s a black thing. Very common. You often see ATVs because they don’t have to have a license for those. Usually the bikes are stolen, that’s why they were all dropping their bikes and running.

  3. Dennis Novak says:

    Ignore them. If they get in your way, run them over. Just try to avoid damaging your car. It’s not like their lives are worth anything.

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