BROCKTON (CBS) — A Brockton mother killed two of her sons in a “ritualistic incident,” prosecutors said in court Tuesday.

Latarsha Sanders was arraigned on two accounts of murder after her two young boys were found dead in a Prospect Street apartment.

Police said the 43-year-old acted alone when she stabbed her five-year-old and eight-year-old sons multiple times.

The eight-year-old boy was stabbed as many as 50 times, said prosecutors.

According to court documents, family members told investigators that Sanders had practiced Voodoo.

The District Attorney did not confirm that the deaths were Voodoo related.

Latarsha Sanders (WBZ-TV)

A 911 call from a neighbor at about noon on Monday led investigators to the third-floor apartment. Officials said Sanders was found outside “distraught and combative.” She was transported by EMS for a medical evaluation.

According to Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz, the murders occurred within the last 48 hours of them arriving at the scene.

“This was a gruesome, disturbing and heartbreaking crime,” Cruz said.

The bodies were found under sheets in separate bedrooms, according to court documents.

Police sealed off the area outside the home on Prospect Street Monday afternoon. (WBZ-TV)

They were identified as Edson Brito, 8, and Lason Brito, 5.

“Sanders allegedly cleaned up the children, placed them in beds, and mopped up the crime scene. She never sought medical
attention for the boys. State Police located a kitchen knife left in the sink that is believed to be the murder weapon,” said the District Attorney.

A statement from Brockton Public Schools was sent out midday on Tuesday saying in part, “The Brockton Public Schools administration, faculty, and staff is shocked and saddened at the tragic and senseless loss on Monday of two innocent, young lives. We grieve with their surviving family members and friends and offer our deepest condolences and prayers.”

Crisis teams were available to students on Tuesday morning and will stay there as long as needed.

Sanders pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. She is scheduled to appear in court again on April 9..

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    1. And where’s the Dad? Come on. Do you really have to ask?

  1. Voodoo? Sorry to hear of the death of the two kids.

  2. Alan Whitney says:

    Diversity makes us strong.

  3. she doesn’t deserve to live. shoot her today.

  4. Sam Wright says:

    Were their names Brady and Belichick?

  5. Mike Arvand says:

    Knew obamas kids were involved even before the page loaded.

  6. John Oakman says:

    Obummer’s daughter??

  7. Democrats will find a way to blame Trump for this heinous crime!

  8. Eric Mann says:

    The boy’s father will straighten all of this out when he gets home from work. ;-)

  9. She needs to be put to death!

  10. I would call her an animal but wouldn’t want to insult animals. What a POS

  11. Donna Parr says:

    How sad. Those poor babies.

  12. Chip Rock says:

    Could this be linked to losing the Brady er..I mean the Super Bowl?

  13. Tony Konte says:

    why do you let people form s. h. countries into a civilized society

  14. The sperm donor cut this h0 loose years ago. He was too busy pimpin and slingin …

    A destructive subrace…one and all.

  15. A life for a life—-I hope they kill you to!! THE DEATH PENALTY IS WAY TO GOOD FOR YOU—EVERYONE SHOULD GET IN ON THE FUN!!!

  16. You knew it before you looked………………….

  17. Latarsha? Didn’t need a picture to know.
    Maybe the kids were Eagles fans

  18. BA DeMonte says:

    Give Mom the death penalty.

  19. tngilmer says:

    Free them, they said. Give them the vote, they said. Give them equal rights, they said. The country will be a better place, they said. They are the same as everybody else, they said.
    Yeah. Right.

  20. Mark David says:

    Voodoo. Are we talking another illegal alien perpetrating a violent crime? (shock! – gasp!)

    Blame Democrats, because the illegal crime wave is on their heads!

  21. Samuel Green says:

    This is one of those rare times I’m speechless.

  22. Freedom of religion – it’s what makes Amerika great – diverse ethnicity

  23. Renee Morris says:

    Anyone who would do this has serious mental problems, I pray for her to get the help she needs and may her young boys rest in peace.

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