MEDFORD (CBS) — Fan eager to get AFC Championship gear after the Patriot’s victory on Sunday night left Modell’s Sporting Goods in Medford almost empty for anyone who wanted to wait until Monday morning.

Amanda Leffew was disappointed to find there was only a handful of glasses, a few t-shirts, and some scattered sweatshirts left.

She has a plan, though: “Go to work in Southie and probably hit back on the way home,” she said.

Modell’s said they are expecting to get another shipment of AFC Championship gear, including the popular locker room hats, at some point Monday.

Many fans rushed to the store Sunday night immediately following the game.

“I live down the street I do this every time we win, its been pretty often, I’m pretty excited about that,” said one man.

Another woman said, “Like I don’t have enough of it. Every year I say ‘do I need another t-shirt?’ but you do need another t-shirt because it’s the Patriots and we’re a city of champions.”

Some fans, like Chris Bailey of Everett, might have even gotten a head-start to the store.

“When we got into that fourth quarter, I just had a feeling that (Tom) Brady was going to pull us through like he always does. So I hopped in my car with eight minutes left in the game and here I am,” said Bailey.


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