BOSTON (CBS) – Isaiah Thomas hasn’t been shy about his displeasure after the Celtics traded him to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the offseason.

During a Christmas Day interview on ESPN, Thomas told Rachel Nichols that if he could do it all again, he would have sat out last year’s postseason instead of playing through a hip injury.

Thomas has yet to suit out this year due to the severity of the injury, but he is inching closer to a return to the court.

“That was big. No matter what I’ve always played through injury,” said Thomas. “If I went back and could do it again I would have sat out the playoffs because I would have been be playing right now. I would have been 100 percent healthy.”

The point guard didn’t stop there, however, adding that he wished the team had shared more information with him after he suffered the injury.

“I do wish I had more information. It was never this could be something can shut you down for a while. Because if that was the case I definitely wouldn’t have played,” Thomas told ESPN.

On Tuesday, Thomas took to social media to blast the media for continuing to bring up the “dumbass trade situation.”

Boston and Cleveland play a week from Wednesday, and it’s possible Thomas is on the court for the showdown. He is reportedly targeting a return in early January.


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