LEOMINSTER (CBS) – New Englanders had a whole day to clean up after Saturday’s first snowfall of the season, but it looks like some people did not do their job before the Monday morning commute.

Massachusetts State Police spokesman Dustin Fitch tweeted a photo of a driver stopped in Leominster with a snowy roof and rear window.

“It’s a danger to you and the other motorists around you,” he said.

Fitch said the driver was apologetic and opted to clear off his car instead of receiving a citation.

In recent years, state police have taken to using social media to call out drivers for not keeping their vehicles free of snow.

Drivers can face up to $200 in fines if their car is covered in snow.

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  1. These people are just plain LAZY!!!; too much in a DAMN hurry; and probably don’t even own a snow brush, but the have iphone that they can’y really afford,and will stare at it all day long…STUPID!

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