BOSTON (CBS) – A California newspaper is apologizing after Donnie Wahlberg called them out.

The San Jose Mercury News published an article this week about the West Coast’s first Wahlburgers with the headline “How To Eat Like A Southie.” (It has since been edited to read “How to eat like you come from Southie”).

The “Eat Like A Southie” headline (Screenshot of Mercury News)

Of course, no one in Boston is called a “Southie.” And the Wahlbergs are from Dorchester, not South Boston (aka Southie).

The newspaper has a new article titled “Dear Donnie Wahlberg and Dorchester: Sorry about that ‘Southie’ thing.”

They cited several publications including, The Boston Globe and Boston Magazine recapping the “Burger brouhaha.”

Wahlberg, a restaurant co-owner, says there are no hard feelings.

“You’re welcome in Dorchester any time!” he tweeted.