BOSTON (CBS) — Much has been said of Tom Brady’s obsession with avocado ice cream in recent years. It appears that he may be in on the joke.

The Patriots quarterback and wife Gisele Bundchen dressed as an avocado and a piece of toast, respectively, for Halloween on Tuesday. It’s pretty much the most Brady & Gisele thing you’ll ever see. Check it out below, via Gisele’s official Instagram page:

“I just can’t resist an avocado!!” Bundchen’s caption reads.

Brady also shared his own look at the couple’s costume:

Elsewhere on Halloween, it appears that cornerback Malcolm Butler is a fan of the movie IT because he went as a creepy clown, balloons and all.

The Patriots also recently hosted a Halloween party for pediatric cancer patients, which included Rob Gronkowski as Frankenstein and Nate Solder as a wizard.

Brady and the Pats get back to work on Wednesday before getting the rest of their bye week off ahead of their Week 10 matchup with the Broncos in Denver.

  1. MEMO

    To: Tom Brady

    From: Chris Chichester [Full Disclosure: New York Jets Fan]

    You wore the wrong costume for Halloween. I served with an avocado, I
    knew an avocado. An avocado was a friend of mine. Tom, you’re no

    The appropriate Halloween costume for you, T.B., is:

    1. The Rosie Ruiz Boston Marathon Costume
    2. The Ben Johnson Olympic Sprinter Costume
    3. The Tonya Harding Olympic Trials Costume [with police baton]
    4. The Barry Bonds 7 3/8 San Francisco Giants Hat Costume
    5. The Tour de France Lance Armstrong Cycling Costume [1999–2005]
    6. The East German Women’s Swimming Team Costume [1968–1980]
    7. The 1951 CCNY Basketball Point Shavers Costume
    8. The Danny Almonte Little League World Series Costume
    9. The John Calipari Recruitment Suit Costume
    10. The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Costume