BOSTON (CBS) — Someone’s been having fun with the fog conspiracy theories coming out of 1 Patriot Place.

Sunday night’s rare foggy conditions made for a bizarre viewing experience for fans, but didn’t necessarily make a difference in the game. That hasn’t stopped the internet from coming up with all kinds of jokes and conspiracy theories to try and blame the Patriots for the weather.

But buyers who are actually looking for real fog machines on Craigslist may become a bit confused if they come across this ad posted on Monday, which features exactly 328 fog machines for sale. In Foxboro.

fake craigslist ad fog machines foxboro Fake Craigslist Ad Offers 328 Fog Machines In Foxboro (Photo credit:

“I have 328 fog machines available for sale, used only once, don’t need anymore,” the “listing” reads. “Tested each and every one of them, they all did their job. You’re gonna want to keep these things away from anything that flies. No vultures, Falcons, Eagles or anything. Bad things happen.”

The ad concludes, “Please only call, I don’t Snapface or Instachat.”

Lots of people had fun with the fog on social media, but receiver Julio Jones seemed to subtly point the finger at the Pats after the Falcons’ 23-7 loss. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone involved, Jones doesn’t get a hold of this phony listing. Because he would be none too pleased.


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