SWANSEA (CBS) – A Swansea man hosted a jersey burning party in response to the recent protest by the New England Patriots.

Mark Shane organized the event at his Gardners Neck Road home after about 20 members of the team took a knee during the national anthem before Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.

Shane says he was “shocked” that the Patriots protested and said they “always stayed above this kind of nonsense.”

Mark Shane of Swansea is upset with Patriots players who took a knee during the National Anthem. (WBZ-TV)

More than 100 people turned out to support Shane and show their frustration with professional athletes who are kneeling during the national anthem. They sang America the Beautiful and said the Pledge of Allegiance as they tossed Patriots gear into the fire in protest.

Mark Shane of Swansea hosted a Patriots jersey burning party (WBZ-TV)

He told WBZ he was happy with the turnout.

“I think it was a great success,” Shane said. “I think people were united, I think people love our country and I think it sends a great message to the NFL and any divisive type actions will not be tolerated during sports.”

Upset Patriots fans came from all over Massachusetts, many in attendance were veterans.

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“Some of those young kids they don’t know what us old guys went through,” said Arthur Dallaire of Swansea.

“It upsets me that they, I understand we do have issues with this county that need to be resolved and I think that’s not the platform to be doing it,” said Andy Lavoie of Westport.

Some people showed up just to support Shane’s right to free speech.

“I’m probably not the biggest fan of what he is doing, but I think he has the right to do it,” said Kathy Cardenas of Swansea.

Not all the jerseys and Patriots gear were burned during the bonfire. A box was put out to collect some of the items so they can be sent to some of the victims of the recent hurricanes.

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  1. I would say he isn’t really a patriots fan and or severely lacking in the knowledge of why they are kneeling or what kneeling signifies in many customs even here int eh US. But then again, they just listen to what they are told happened and never question it.

    1. There is no better way to legitimize your hatred of everything this great country stands for than by finding excuses to give it the finger.

    2. Brad Kaplan says:

      The funny thing is that you actually believe you have an intelligent thought process?

    3. Donald Trump practiced his first amendment rights and an entire league lost their minds.
      This tradition goes back a hundred years to World War 1. The people loved their country then, with boys fighting overseas in a horrible war. We have soldiers on the battlefield today, and these players just spit on them. The national anthem is about a nation, not about a President. And if these thugs don’t know that, they should be thrown off the team.

    4. Ken Valley says:

      How ignorant you must be! Yes, the players have all the right to protest whatever cause they want. But, they do not get to use the game and biased media as platforms to air their issues. What platforms do average Americans have, other than the voting booth? If these clowns want to protest the cops, then rent a stadium or go to a park and rally peacefully! If the fans are shelling out thousands of bucks, then the fans have the right to protest them as well! Get it now?

    5. Karl Spencer says:

      Here’s what CK told NFL.com why he is protesting: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

      So it’s not about the flag? You may have the right to disrespect the flag but I don’t have to respect you or those that do.

      1. So you just glazed over the whole murder in the streets thing? The flag part is what stood out to you in that statement?

    6. You sir are an arrogant condescending elitist. People like you are why Trump won and the NFL is losing. You are not that smart you just have a hyper inflated self image. Too many participation trophies I guess. Wise up and see if you can find an ounce of humility and respect for others.

    1. Don’t bother with the link… goes to his blog with just more stupid pro-nlf idiocy.
      He does not get it. He won’t ever. Seeing some of the blog… no wonder he does not understand.

  2. Put the National Anthem to a rap tune about killing cops and the players will dance and sing.

  3. Memo to NFL: Your fans are walking away and they’re NEVER coming back.

  4. Guarantee you they will be in front of their TV Sunday. Football is an addiction for most Americans, patriotism isn’t.

    1. Stephen Kuhn says:

      Don’t count on it…the teams and the NFL have truly and royally pi**ed off their fans. Few business models (other than the MSM) routinely give their customer base the finger and remain in business. Maybe the NFL will survive …but it will take a hell of a long time and cost millions, if not billions of $ in lost revenue. And to think they gave it away…easy come, easy go. Fools.

    2. Brad Kaplan says:

      Sounds like you’ve got a thing or two to learn about “Americans”.

    3. Didn’t work out that way for Baseball.

    4. Karl Spencer says:

      Wrong! I for one already cancelled my NFL Sunday ticket. Deleted the comeback of the last Super Bowl that I’ve viewed 54 times since. I stopped watching MLB after the strike and stopped watching the NBA. Some of us do believe what we stand for. I stand for the flag!

  5. Ted Gonzalez says:

    take you opression-victimized mentality that only multimillionaires can face, and choose another venue, NEVER disrespect our country’s heritage and tradition, to inject this political statement. WRong venue, wrong medium, wrong place to do this. Do it OFF the godamn field! especially when there’s hundreds of uniformed people saluting the flag. Such a poor judgement!

  6. Keep it up you liberal NFL jerks…
    Who do you think you are ? Illegal immigrants?

    And, do not even try to just do away with the National Anthem altogether attempting to further dodge the matter. YOU are wrong. Grow up and fix it.

  7. Think of all that global warming…..

  8. sallymuir says:

    “Some of those young kids they don’t know what us old guys went through,” said Arthur Dallaire of Swansea.The irony.
    The old guys have no idea of of what some young black kids go through.

    1. You mean those young black super predators, as lying, cheating, crooked Hillary called them?

    2. Those aren’t young black kids on the field. They are millionaire men who get paid to play football not virtue signal or lecture about anything other than football. You want to make some social commentary? Fine. Do it off the field on your own dime or fans will spend their money elsewhere.

  9. Like that Pigeons episode on Seinfeld; we’ll tolerate near felonious off-field conduct by NFL players, subsidize their millionaire stadiums and buy NFL advertised gear as long as on the field, the league, the owners and players stick to the American traditions of the game. Since the league, coaches, owners and players have violated that unwritten but long-held agreement, A LOT of us are out!

  10. Susan Vue says:

    Progressives want us fighting in the stands. aka: Civil War

  11. This is no temporary boycott. We are leaving in droves and leaving for good. College is better anyway these days and here comes MLB playoffs.

    Eat my shorts NFL and NFLPA.

  12. The mortally wounded NFL is a glorious testament to the power of the George Soros narrative. Next up – The NBA.

  13. Mike Arvand says:

    asshat players have managed to do what liberal media couldn’t. Kill the game from within. Once they’re all unemployed and stadiums are empty. They can protest all they want.

  14. Paul Roberts says:

    Time to shut down the NFL. Time to shut down football until players can show respect to the Flag, the president, the people who are in the armed forces that defend that flag and our country. Fire the people or the teams that disrespect OUR country and then reboot! Hire new college kids that want to play and not be in the face of the fans.

  15. Dan Birchak says:

    Just saw that a national total boycott is being planned around Veterans Day, on Sunday, November 12th. Total boycott of TV programming, stadiums, apparel.

    What better tribute to the vets and all America-loving patriots across the land. There will probably be lots of alternative businesses, none taking a knee unless it’s a church, that will just love to see the larger crowds.

  16. blenderrecipes says:

    It’s about time these millionaires took a stand to protest the oppression that happens at NFL stadiums during the National Anthem.

  17. I see you…
    I see you, professional football player, as you kneel down during the playing of the National Anthem…
    I see you, with your arm raised in protest…
    I see you thinking you are doing something to unite people over social and racial injustice.
    I see you…
    But, more than that here is what I really see…
    I see a man pushing the wheels of his wheelchair as he returns home from a foreign land unable to function as he once did, due to fighting to protect you as you kneel on the ground.
    I see a young widow, dressed carefully in black, mourning the remains of her husband, hugging a coffin on the tarmac of an airport. I see that same woman clutching a perfectly folded flag to her bosom as taps is played at his graveside. I see her young son, tears streaming down his face knowing his father would never come home again.
    I see graveyards full of tombstones, here and overseas, with names of those fallen, with dates showing a much too early death.
    I see so many, from so many different wars and conflicts, crosses and stones. They are too numerous to count.
    I see the sacrifices made, the hearts broken, the tears shed, the shattered lives all in the name of freedom… all in the name of that red, white and blue piece of cloth that you choose to protest.
    Social and racial injustice? You who make millions of American dollars for playing a game in a country where you have more opportunity to make a better life for you and your family than anywhere in the world? Really? The hypocrisy of it astounds me.
    First of all, if you really want to protest, give your money and time to make changes. Give to those less fortunate than you. Help those people get an education, buy them food and shelter. Show them opportunities to make better decisions. Teach them that they have a purpose in life.
    If you really want to protest injustices…
    Protest the treatment of veterans, who have to wait extremely long periods of time for healthcare, who are living under interstate bridges, in boxes, who are committing suicide. Today over twenty of them will take their lives out of hopelessness and despair.
    There is no greater injustice than that.
    Protest the loss of religious rights as some atheist complained so much that public prayer by a group of young players on an athletic field is not allowed.
    When I see that flag, when I hear that song, when I sing those words, I give homage to those who died for this land, who continue to protect this land, who don’t know if and when they will ever see their loved ones again. Some say that they died for your freedom so that you can take a knee. I say they died for your freedom so you can stand proudly and be thankful that God has blessed you enough that you can live in a country of so much opportunity.
    Go ahead…
    Go ahead and kneel…
    Go ahead and be ungrateful.
    I am watching…
    As are millions and millions of others.
    We don’t see a protest of unity… we see a protest of disgraceful ignorance.

  18. I hear that the police are replacing the sirens on their cars with the playing of the national anthem. When the perps hear it they all stop and kneel down.

  19. Ken Valley says:

    Yes, the players have all the right to protest whatever cause they want. But, they do not get to use the game and biased media as platforms to air their issues. What platforms do average Americans have, other than the voting booths? If these clowns want to protest the cops, then rent a stadium or go to a park and protest peacefully! If the fans are shelling out thousands of bucks, then the fans have the right to protest them as well!

  20. Bob Johnson says:

    Riiggght and how many will be Tom Brady autographed jerseys? Those idiots will just be burning walmart flags and dollar store jerseys.

  21. hitrestart1 says:

    There’s no place to upvote here but to Willie William – great post!

  22. All this for the lie that black men get killed by cops more than whites or even disproportionately higher than their level of criminality. smh

  23. The NFL has a small window of opportunity to make this right. Frankly I don’t think they are up to the task. It is all well and good to stand by your “talent” but if it is at the expense of your fans I think they may be missing the point.

  24. Tou Parish says:

    OCT 1: National Burn-A-Jersey Day

    Post it on Twitter

    We have over 5,000 participants.


  25. Bob Johnson says:

    Disrespecting the veterans eh? You are the same people that showed me and my brothers when we came home from the jungle. Where were you then? We got treated like you are treating the players now. Don’t tell me you respect veterans because you surely did not. I’ve experienced it first hand.

    1. Karl Spencer says:

      As for me you are wrong. Although I was a kid during the Vietnam War I have always shown veterans support. Enough so that I served twice, once in the Air Force and once in the Army. And yes I volunteered both times once at age 18 and the other time at age 44. I’m sorry for what the Vietnam Veterans had to go through but remember it was fueled by the liberal mainstream media and colleges. Thanks you for your service brother.

  26. There are a great deal of George Soros paid trolls on here. Most of the fans understand why you are protesting. Even if they are left. So, the paid trolls at on here to rile things up to divide the country. I wouldn’t let them get under your skin.

  27. The NFL are in deep, hot water. This protest is not going away. It is getting bigger. There is no way out for them. They showed their true colors and America is not going to forget where they stand. Even if they stand now, it’s going to not make any difference. They ruined the game bringing in politics. They all understand the race issue and agree, but felt the game was a sacred place of coming together. It will never be the same. In their hatred for Donald Trump and their pride, they lashed out at him AND veterans, police, the fans and what we hold dear. Now husbands are realizing they can take that time to be outdoors with their family. It is uniting Americans in their patriotism. I am betting their is going to be more jersey burning along with BBQ’s coming up. This is a good thing for families. Very bad for the NFL.

  28. They’re sheep with the minds of children. They’ll be adoring their heroes again as soon as this blows over.

  29. Robert Kelly says:

    What are blacks “taking a knee for?  I mean, they haven’t made it clear as to why.

    They’ve made references to police killing blacks.  And they’ve also made references to doing so to achieve “social justice.”  Since police killings of blacks occurs mostly ALWAYS in self defense and blacks don’t elaborate on what they mean by “social justice,” their protests by “taking a knee” is as unclear and foolish as everything else they claim.

    If “social justice” to them means being accepted by non-blacks in this society, especially whites, do blacks understand that as long as they have loud, rude behavior, high crime and violence rates and spew hateful anti-white hatred, they’re not about to be socially accepted by whites?  Their infantile complaint seems to be saying “Love me and all my disgusting traits and faults or I’ll protest violently and riot.”

    Can any group of people be so immature, childish and foolish?

    The answer, of course is, “Yes,” blacks can.  Having blacks in a society is like constantly placating deadly, imbecilic children.  That’s no exaggeration, and it’s way past time somebody told it EXACTLY like it is.

    Integration has been a terrible mistake and it will never work no matter how blacks try to lie, intimidate and create myths, like BLM. The best thing for all concerned would be to do as Farrakhan wants and give them two states, because if we do not segregate peacefully, we will do so via civil war. We’re in the beginning stages of it right now.

    Incidentally, Tom Chittum’s book, Civil War II, accurately forecast that we would get to this point right before civil war broke out.

    1. Self defense? Ever heard of Walter Scott? Laquan McDonald? John Crawford III?

  30. Carl Lavin says:

    Here’s how racists think:
    Trump supporter knowingly breaks the law while protesting = PATRIOTIC HERO!
    NFL players break no laws while protesting = SHOW RESPECT FOR OUR INSTITUTIONS!

    It’s about race, and it’s 100% true for everyone who doesn’t respect the players’s rights to kneel, lock arms, lie down, hump a football, whatever they want to do while they are subjected to the National Anthem at their workplace. I’d kick my boss in the balls if I had to stand up and listen to any song every time I showed up to do my job. Respect for the song is meaningless if it’s mandatory. And it’s ok to not want to respect the song. It just is.

    1. Racism in America is about 86% on the side of the leftists.

  31. It’s real simple. If every time I went to the dentist he talked about his political opinions I would get a new dentist. The NFL is there to entertain me. I pay them for entertainment. I do not want to hear their political opinions. Therefore they are no longer entertaining. Therefore I do not want to watch. Simple really. Not sure why the owners can’t figure it out but no problem. I will take my entertainment money, time and viewership elsewhere.

  32. jay10940 says:

    The NFL wants white cops dead.

  33. wartface says:

    What took you people so long? I quit watching NFL football 1 week after Kaepernick kneeled during the National Anthem. I waited 1 week to see what the NFL owners were going to do about it. They decided to allow the players to continue to abuse us, their customers, their fans.

    I’ve been an NFL fan for over 50 years. I’ve been a former NFL fan for the last 13 months.

  34. Gregg Updike says:

    Rather than burn the NFL gear, cut the jerseys up, so they can’t be resold, and ship them to the respective team’s business. Include a letter stating unequivocally why you are taking this action and, if possible, include a signed petition from other fans as a statement why you will be no longer supporting the team or the NFL.

  35. Mark Shane, of Swansea is an idiot.I am a veteran and I support the right of free speech and our right to take a knee.