DANVERS (CBS) – Chuck E. Cheese tokens are for arcade games, not paying your overdue book fines, one local library is reminding its patrons.

The Peabody Institute Library, which is the public library for the town of Danvers, took to Facebook this week to spread the word.

“This summer we’ve had a surge of folks attempting to pay fines and printing fees with tokens from Chuck E Cheese and Bonkers,” the library wrote. “Since they are not legal tender, we cannot accept them.”

Bookkeeper Sue Kontos told The Salem News she counted three tokens from Chuck E. Cheese’s and one from Bonkers, another kids entertainment center in Peabody, before realizing they weren’t actual money.

“Everyone got a laugh out of it,” she said.

Chuck E. Cheese’s have been phasing out the game tokens in favor of cards.

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The library also took this opportunity to note they don’t take Canadian coins, either.

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  1. Dave Dally says:

    Never saw that one before. Usually if they don’t want to pay a fine the item suddenly reappears on the shelves, even though the librarians looking for it didn’t see it there the previous day.
    And that’s when they just don’t ever return items and the library has to cut off their card or threaten them legal action (and some libraries aren’t allowed to do this depending on the state and county, it’s really annoying).
    Did see people ask for a librarian’s help with the vending machines, and it turned out that all of the coins used were from other nations.

  2. So it can be said that you really can give (or least try to) give a rat’s ass.

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