BOSTON (CBS) – Road construction that started Wednesday night begins weeks of delays and detours for commuters heading in and out of the city.

The first disruptions of the Comm. Ave Bridge Replacement project now rippling through the region. Wednesday night, the Green Line B branch was replaced with shuttle buses between Babcock and Blanford Streets.

“I’ve been working for the BU summer term program so we’ve been taking the T a lot to take high school students on tours,” said Adrian Lee. “It’s definitely going to affect us.”

And that’s just the start. MassDOT warns all modes of transportation will be majorly impacted as this project progresses.

“I can’t even take the route I walk home,” said Fernanda Behzadi. “They’ve closed the sidewalk so I have to cross the street. It’s always a pain.”

Starting Thursday evening – Packard’s Corner to Kenmore Square will be closed. Then Friday night – reduced lanes on the Mass Pike.

“Before you make something good again you have to wreak a little havoc,” one commuter said. “You’re going to divert a lot of people. It’s going to look ugly and be bumpy. But at the end of the day you’re going to have a beautiful, safe bridge.”

Transportation leaders admit it’s going to be bad. And if you can’t avoid the area, give yourself extra time and have a plan.

“Yeah I’m going to brace myself. Wake up early. Uber if I have to,” said Kassanda Edouard. “But that’s the plan. Hopefully everyone else has a plan too, if not I’m praying for everyone!”


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