By Chris McKinnon

BILLERICA (CBS) — Billerica residents had an unwelcome visitor in their neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

A black bear was spotted strolling down Juniper Street, visiting the residents’ back yards.

Billerica resident Billy Graham was just winding up a pool party for his children when he saw the bear walking through his next door neighbor’s yard.

Graham says he got all of the children into their parents’ cars or inside his house to make sure they were safe.

Then he got into his car and followed the bear down his street.

bear 2 Black Bear Strolls Through Billerica Neighborhood

Bill Graham follows the black bear down his Billerica Street. (Photo credit: Bill Graham)

The bear eventually went back into the woods on Veterans Memorial Park off Treble Cove Road near the Middlesex county prison.

Graham adds the bear looked to be about 250 pounds and that he doesn’t think the bear was aggressive.

There were several bear sightings near Concord on Tuesday. Concord Police advised residents to bring in their bird feeders.

There have been numerous bear sightings in Massachusetts this year.

The Southwick Police Department said bear sightings were reported daily in May and say the the bear population is increasing.


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