BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady wants his Super Bowl jersey. And he’s willing to send his friends to jail to get it.

That’s at least the message from Brady’s latest Facebook post, in which he points the finger squarely at No. 11, Julian Edelman, as the prime suspect in the case.

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Appropriating some comments from Ben Affleck’s character in “Good Will Hunting,” Brady tagged Edelman and said, simply, “Ya suspect.”

Edelman fits the bill because, according to Brady’s suspect board, he “loves rings” and is a “sneaky lil’ squirrel.”

While Edelman may be the prime suspect, he’s not alone.

Also included on Brady’s board are:

–The Game of Thrones character who stole Khaleesi’s eggs (Pyat Pree?)

–Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, because he also loves rings

–Lady Gaga (with escape ropes?)

–The court drawing of Brady, named “Creepy Me”

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–Prison Mike, aka Michael Scott from “The Office,” because he’s associated with dementors (from the world of Harry Potter) and has never been caught

–Jaws, because he “takes things without asking”

–Crab people

–The O’Doyle family from Billy Madison

–Scooby, the Brady family dog

–A swiper from “Dora The Explorer”

–Gary Oak from “Pokemon,” because he’s a “bad kid” who always says “Smell ya later!”

–The clown who stole Air Bud

Brady’s game-worn jersey remains missing, presumed stolen out of his bag near his locker in the aftermath of his victory in Super Bowl LI in Houston. While Brady may be making light of it online, police are not messing around, placing a $500,000 value on the missing jersey.

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Perhaps those police will be knocking on Julian Edelman’s door soon. He better have an alibi ready.