SAVE Boston Snowiest Winters

SAVE Worcester Snowiest Winters

While most yearn for the real warmth of spring, this was the tenth consecutive weekend containing snow which added to the seasonal totals in the region! Boston’s record is now up to an astounding 110.6″ and Worcester’s total has reached 119.2″ which is closing in on the #2 slot. The jackpot is claimed by the Blue Hill Observatory with a mammoth 150.8″ which eclipses the previous record of 144.4″ set in 1995-96.

Most people would like to forget about the snow but statistics reveal that we can be vulnerable to snow attacks in April such as the April Fool’s Blizzard of 1997 when Boston received 25.1″! Another example is a very nasty heavy wet snow blitz on April 28-29, 1987 when more than 4″ fell in Boston with up to 1-2 feet of snow from the western suburbs into the Worcester Hills! NO worries!There will not be any snow storms in the next week but I cannot rule out a few flurries over western New England early Monday and, hopefully, nothing more than passing snow showers early on Easter Sunday.

We have indeed lived in historical times in this year of 2015. The very harsh conditions over the past three months were highlighted by an epic 100″ of snow falling in only 30 days and a repeat of that fast and furious accumulation seems unlikely for another 100-200 years! Additionally, the past 3 months have been incredibly cold with the mean temperatures at 2.9 degrees below average for January, a numbing 12.7 degrees below average in February and 5.2 degrees below average in March. The predicted pattern going forward calls for the mean temperatures to ramp up to near average for April and slightly above average in May. In my blog from last Sunday, Cycles Of The Weather Engine, I presented a plausible pattern for the upcoming summer. It supports near to slightly below average temperatures so I am surmising a couple of days less than the average 14 days at 90 degrees or higher in Boston. An extremely hot summer of more than 20 days over 90 is not likely. The global factors favor some batches of refreshing air to flow out of central Canada into the Northeast from time to time reducing the risk of lengthy heat waves. Apparently, a summer similar to that of 2014 will make most of us happier.

2015 Pattern1In the shorter range, we will not have a concluding month mimicking March 1998. Its final five days contained high temperatures of 79, 85, 75, 78 and 89 respectively in Boston! There were 3 new record highs and the 89 on the 31st was the hottest so early in the season! Contrast those with the corresponding temperatures this month namely 44, 40, 41 and the predicted 48 and 46. The average high temperature for the last few days of March is 50 degrees. The upper air currents should steer much warmer air into our area later Thursday and especially Friday. That warmth will be accompanied by some showery rains on Friday and colder weather will return next weekend.

What are your favorite stretches of the year? Clearly, I would expect the majority to vote for June through August and I definitely enjoy summer days that are not stifling with tropical heat and humidity. I actually have 3 favorite times of the year which include November 22 to March 22 because I love winter. Add to that April 22 to May 22 because I love the blooming of spring with its greening landscape plus its beautiful flowering shrubs and trees. Finally, I would tack on September 22 to October 22 because I love the fall foliage extravaganza and the cooler, crisper football days. IMO, there is no finer place than New England to enjoy the 4 distinct seasons of variety.

Make it a great week.