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FALL RIVER (CBS) – Jurors got an up-close and personal view of Aaron Hernandez’s wardrobe and closet, lined with boxes of size 13 Nikes. That’s the brand prosecutors say police found in footprints near the bullet-riddled body of Hernandez’s supposed friend, Odin Lloyd June 17th, 2013.

A photo of Aaron Hernandez's closet shown in court Feb. 19 (WBZ)

A photo of Aaron Hernandez’s closet shown in court Feb. 19 (WBZ)

Prosecutor William McCauley held up a white hooded sweatshirt for jurors to see. It was taken from Hernandez’s home, as investigators searched for the clothing he wore in a surveillance photo taken the morning of the murder. It shows him holding what appears to be a gun in his North Attleboro home.

Defense attorneys question the quality of the video. A state police detective who specializes in surveillance used a screw driver on the witness stand to take apart a DVR system from the Hernandez home. Under questioning, Trooper John Conron admitted it isn’t the best video. “There was some discussion as to whether the quality could be improved.”

What did seem clear, the memory of another investigator, Trooper Zachary Johnson, who went to Lloyd’s family home to break the news of his death. Police found his Boston address on the license in his pocket. As soon as his sister heard the news, she gave what she thought was key information. “She showed us text messages she had.”

Judge Susan Garsh has ruled those texts may not be introduced as evidence in the trial. The text from Lloyd to his sister said, “U see who I’m with?” Then, “NFL”, and his final text, “Just so you know.” Garsh called the context “speculative”, saying the texts may have had nothing to do with the murder accusation.

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