BOSTON (CBS) – We’re just under 48 hours for this Divisional Round game Saturday night at Gillette, and so far Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak can’t help but feel like it’s not even registering on the radar of Boston sports fans.

Why is that?

Are we taking Indy too lightly?

Or are the Colts just not the same without Peyton Manning?

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“Where is the buzz and the hatred and the angst? So far we’ve hit Thursday and there’s none of that,” said Andy Gresh.

“I don’t know if Patriots fans are complacent. I don’t know if there are some folks who are legitimately nervous, and I also wonder if there’s this sort of ‘house money’ feel to this football team given the roster that they have – because this is not the same kind of team we’re used to seeing in the postseason.”

By “house money,” Gresh is referring to the idea that as fans we have already made it this far without the likes of Jerod Mayo, Vince Wilfork, Rob Gronkowski, Sebastian Vollmer, Tommy Kelly and even Aaron Hernandez – so anything after this is just gravy.

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The fact that the Colts had to pull their Wildcard Weekend win out of their you-know-what to beat the Chiefs, the fact that momentum doesn’t carry over week-to-week, and the fact that the Patriots had a first-round bye all adds up to a big home win in Scott Zolak’s mind.

Anything else would be disappointing.

“If we come in here Monday and they lose this game, it’s disastrous to me,” said Zolak. You wanna know why? They have shown throughout the course of this year their ability to take coaching and overcome injuries. ‘Next guy in’ and the train keeps rolling. Those guys we lost? Yeah they mean something to us, but they can’t help us next week.”

“The fact that they get to this point after a two week rest, I’ll be shocked and disappointed if they lose this game,” said Zo.

Zo recalls how he felt in 2010 when the Patriots lost in the Divisional Round to the Jets, but Gresh doesn’t think the same comparison applies because “that team was loaded” and this current team is decimated with injuries.

So why the lack of buzz Patriots fans?

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