By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police are investigating three similar attacks on city residents in which someone comes right up to their front door pretending to be delivering a package.

In the most recent case, on Dorchester’s Lonsdale Street, a pair of criminals entered the victims’ home and pistol whipped the elderly couple that let them in.

“We don’t usually see that, but it’s definitely what happened,” says Boston Lt. Detective Thomas Hopkins. “There have been two home invasions and one B&E where Asian victims were targeted, in two of the incidents people were duct taped with zip ties.”

In the Lonsdale Street case, the suspects came to the door with a package addressed to the residents. But the men either didn’t know or didn’t care they were being recorded the whole time by the camera right on the home’s front porch.

Investigators have released that video, hoping the images will encourage someone to come forward with information.

“It is kind of scary because it is right next door,” explains neighbor Shawn Goughnour. “I hope they do catch them.”


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    a common way of gaining entry is to pose as a delivery man

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