By Bill Shields, WBZ-TV

NORTH DARTMOUTH (CBS) – The Bristol County Sheriff says Aaron Hernandez presents a challenge in the jail.

“He’s high-profile,” says Sheriff Tom Hodgson, “anybody with a high-profile, we’re very careful with. There are people in the prison who would like to make a name for themselves.”

Hernandez is being held in a single-bed cell, with no contact with other inmates. “He’s being treated as any other prisoner, no better, no worse,” says Hodgson. “All of the people that are in the unit that he’s in are all in single cells, no inmates are allowed out with any other inmate.”

He’s allowed five visitors a week, but only after they’re screened by the Sheriff. That doesn’t include his attorneys.

Hernandez was charged with murder last week, in connection with the shooting of 27-year-old Odin Loyd of Dorchester. One of the other two people who was allegedly with Hernandez that night turned himself into Florida police, and was arraigned today. Ernest Wallace agreed to return to Massachusetts, to face charges of Accessory After the Fact of Murder.

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