AMHERST, N.H. (CBS) – The auction of a photo of a young Princess Diana, snapped two days before her engagement begins Thursday in New Hampshire.

In the picture, Diana Spencer lies on a bed, an unidentified young man sits behind her reading a book as he rests on her shoulder. A bottle of whiskey sits on the window ledge behind them. It is assumed the photo was taken during a Swiss skiing holiday.

How a picture of the most photographed woman of her lifetime slipped by the public’s notice is a mystery, as is why the words “not to be published” were scrawled across the photo.

The picture was sold to a British newspaper on Feb. 26, 1981, which matches the date written on the back of the photograph.

The picture, whose photographer is unknown, is expected to draw at least $750, and possibly a lot more.

The auction begins Thursday at RR Auction house in Amherst, N.H., and lasts until the 24th.


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