BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police are cracking down on a late-night noise problem in the North End.

After a group of residents and business owners complained to the city earlier this month about the disruptions in the neighborhood, the city responded by stepping up patrols and handing out a number of citations.

According to police, two additional officers have been added to patrol Hanover Street on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to focus on noise and public disorder complaints.

Boston police say they are also working with local colleges and universities to identify students who may be contributing to the noise issue, specifically by participating in late-night parties.

Since a recent meeting with concerned residents, officers say they have made one arrest for disorderly conduct, issued a handful of ordinance violations to business owners, and have been consistently warning people to respect residents by keeping the noise volume down.

At least three nightlife establishments have been hit with citations, which have included restaurant overcrowding, loud music playing through open doors and windows, and a failure to disperse patrons in a safe and orderly manner.

Police say the citation for failing to disperse patrons was issued after a gathering of students created a loud disturbance that resulted in several 911 calls.