BOSTON (CBS) – A group of North End residents is growing tired of late night noise and are asking the city to do something about it.

Along with some restaurant owners, the residents are urging police to crack down on late-night revelers who can be bad for business.

They say it happens every weekend; young people stumble out of the bars and raise a ruckus on the streets.

Jorge Mendoza, who owns a restaurant on Richmond Street, says the problem is getting worse, He says he sees vandalism, public urination, and other issues.

“(Revelers) pick arguments and fights with other people and screaming and yelling,” he said, “in particular last night, mayhem for an hour-and-a-half until 3:30 am.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

The solution, says Mendoza involves police enforcing the laws and make some arrests.

“Those kids need to be reprimanded legally for their actions,” he said. “They need to be arrested. The moment that a few arrests take place, word will get around very quickly and it will be the end of the problem.”

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  1. Italo says:

    I’m older and my Boston clubbing days are behind me; but one thing that always saddened me was the bunch of clubbers who would come out of places at 2 am, when you’re all hailing taxis, going back to your cars, or trying grab a slice of pizza, and they would seem deliberately to be looking for people to give the finger, yell out obscenities to, or to start a brawl with. Is this a Boston cultural thing, or something? Brats.

    1. ginny2 says:

      It’s not a Boston culture thing, it’s people too imature to know when to stop drinking, and establishments not being willing to cut off people when they are obviously nearing their limit. It’s those extra bucks the places can make and rude drunks. It happens all over the country where there ar these pockets of clubs and bars. Until the police and the owners act together nothing will change.

  2. Peg says:

    Simple solution. Go back to closing the bars at 1 instead of 2 and fine establishments heavily for not carding, serving more than 3 drinks per person and serving minors. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..doesn’t take rocket science.

    1. boyo says:

      the problem with this is that a lot of these people are on something more than booze.

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