NEWTON (CBS) – A grand jury returned a six-count indictment Tuesday against a former Newton teacher charged with child pornography possession.

David Ettlinger is now charged with sexually assaulting two children and recording the abuse. He was already facing child porn charges.

On Monday, WBZ-TV broke the news that Ettlinger was accused of taking secret photos of kids in his classroom for several years.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

“I think it’s terribly troubling and disturbing, and I think the parents of those children must be terribly upset,” said Kristin Ardlie, a parent.

Prosecutors say Ettlinger snapped many photos of students in his class without their knowledge. The kids are fully clothed, but the pictures focus on various body parts taken at low angles.

“We’re so disturbed to hear this news. For parents to send their kids to school, they don’t expect that pictures would be taken. It would be highly inappropriate,” said Newton school superintendent David Fleishman.

Last month, Ettlinger was arrested on child porn charges. The victims in those cases were not students at Underwood.

Monday’s accusations, however, include many photos of students in his class over the past several years, according to the school’s superintendent.

“The fact that students didn’t know, that’s what is most upsetting, that these pictures were taken and they didn’t know. Obviously whatever we can do to prevent this from happening, but this was somebody who did this in a very calculated way,” said Fleishman.

The district attorney’s office says the new photos are not pornographic. Because the kids were fully clothed, new criminal charges may not be filed.

The school, meanwhile, continues to provide counseling and support to students.


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