David Ettlinger

Steven Chan covered his face during his arraignment in Newton District Court, Aug. 30, 2013. (WBZ-TV)

Newton Teacher Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Investigators say they found 27,000 pornographic images on computer hard drives taken from Steven Chan’s home.


David Ettlinger photo from Facebook.

State Drops Sex Abuse Charges Against Former Newton Teacher

The Middlesex and Suffolk district attorneys announced Thursday they are dropping prosecution of David Ettlinger of Newton since he will be spending years in prison followed by lifetime supervision.


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Former Newton Teacher Sentenced 45 Years For Child Porn

David Ettlinger, a former second grade teacher in Newton traded graphic images and videos of adults molesting children.


David Ettlinger photo from Facebook.

Prosecutors: Ex-Newton Teacher Fondled, Recorded Sleepings Kids

A former Newton elementary school teacher accused of sexually assaulting two children and filming the abuse has been ordered held on $100,000 bail.


David Ettlinger (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

Ex-Newton Teacher Facing New Sexual Assault Charges

A grand jury returned a six-count indictment Tuesday against a former Newton teacher charged with child pornography possession.


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DA: Newton Teacher Charged With Child Porn Took Secret Photos Of Students

Parents tell WBZ they had to identify their children in photos snapped secretly by David Ettlinger in the classroom and on the playground.


David Ettlinger photo from Facebook.

Mother: Babysitter Accused Of Sex Abuse Seemed Perfect

A mother who had arranged to have David Ettlinger babysit her kids next week says everything seemed perfect.


David Ettlinger photo from Facebook.

Former Newton Teacher Charged With Sexually Assaulting Girl

A former Newton teacher is now charged with sexually assaulting a girl who he was babysitting.


David Ettlinger (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

Newton Teacher Facing Child Porn Charges Resigns

The Newton elementary school teacher facing child pornography charges has resigned before the school district had a chance to fire him.


David Ettlinger photo from Facebook.

Newton Teacher Accused In Child Porn Case Advertised Self As Babysitter

The Newton second grade teacher charged in a child pornography case previously advertised his services as a babysitter on a popular website.