BOSTON (CBS) -It took investigators a few days to finally identify the suspect under arrest in the Woburn jewelry heist and shooting of officer Robert DiNapoli.

He’s 25-year-old Antonio Matos, and WBZ-TV has exclusive pictures of the suspect charged with armed robbery and assault with intent to murder.

Matos remains hospitalized in serious condition and has yet to be arraigned. The pictures were found on a social networking site, and among them, photos of Matos at what appears to be a firing range.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

Matos had been living in a Roxbury apartment with his mother, though the Boston Housing Authority says he is not listed as a tenant. Sources tell WBZ-TV it was his mother who identified Matos to police after seeing released photos of his distinctive tattoos that she recognized.

matosrange1 Photos Show Woburn Jewelry Heist Suspect At Firing Range

Photo appears to show Matos firing a gun at a range.

In the meantime, officer DiNapoli is now home from the hospital after being shot as many as seven times when he responded to the call for an armed robbery at Musto Jewelers.

Investigators are still waiting for ballistics evidence to determine if Matos is the one who fired the shots. He was also injured in a gunfight with police.

With as many as three other suspects still on the run, another key piece of evidence has been located. The vehicle, a grey toyota camary, that may have been their getaway car was found on a street in Jamaica Plain.

Because Matos remains hospitalized, he has not yet been arraigned on the charges.

Comments (8)
  1. Cinque says:

    So he’s hospitalized in serious condition, huh? Golly gee, I wonder who is going to be paying his hospital bills? I’ll bet it will be the taxpayers of Mass. It would have been 100% better if the police had just finished this fat little twirp off when they had the chance!!!!!!!!!

    1. SickOfIt says:

      Yet again a case of the taxpayers footing the bill for somebody who doesn’t deserve it. Mama’s car was “stolen”?!!? Gimme a break! Had he been running instead of standing still sooting the officer, he probably would have found a lawyer who would have argued that this twit’s rights had been violated and that the police used “excessive force”.

  2. H.Wilson says:

    Let the Lybians question him for a few minutes..He’ll talk fast !

    Shot a cop huh? Woburn Waterboard may be the answer..then shoot the SOB freak…

  3. Susan says:

    All public housing should be subject to random warrantless searches for illegal firearms, drugs, and also two-legged illegals. How about that for a Secure Communities idea?

  4. fred says:

    Is there any word on whether this person is an illegal? Neither he or his mother speak english. Lets see, Patrick has victims of illegal alien drunk drivers, victims of illegal alien violence on families (see Brockton) – now he has a Woburn cop (almost) as another notch in his illegal alien coddling resume. Oh and what’s the story about Obama’s uncle – are they at least going to prosecute him for the drunk driving – as the governor has stated – we have laws against drunk driving – somehow i don’t think we will be seeing Uncle Omar in a courtroom anytime soon.

  5. anonymous says:

    ok – he was born in New York , graduated from Northeastern…NOT an illegal immigrant , and just because he is hispanic does NOT mean we will end up paying for his hospital bill? like…if this was a white person – would this be ok?!

  6. Steve says:

    Another grown man living with his mommy. How nice.

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