TTYM: Watch Kevin Ware Dunk, Jim Leyland Moonwalk and The Dodgers Pee In The Pool?

September 27, 2013 4:53 PM

ttym 955613 TTYM: Watch Kevin Ware Dunk, Jim Leyland Moonwalk and The Dodgers Pee In The Pool?  
by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, watch Kevin Ware get back on the hardcourt, a woman steal a foul ball from a kid, Jim Leyland Moonwalk and Denver running backs battle over a pass from Peyton Manning.

Running Back Games


I am a self-proclaimed football freak, but I am constantly in awe how the offense studies, memorizes and executes the playbook.

Well, that is until now. Rumor has it during the Broncos game on Monday night. Ronnie Hillman, Montee Ball and Knowshon Moreno played a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine who would run the ball into the end zone. There’s even a bit of video evidence to prove the theory and Hillman confirmed it claiming – “I went with rock; you’ve got to go with rock. You never know when somebody’s going to go with scissors.”

Hillman, of course, scored the touchdown.

I’m sure those who had Moreno and Ball on their Fantasy Football team aren’t amused. You know who else wasn’t amused? Their coach: John Fox.

Fox claimed it didn’t happen.

Good to know, ‘cause really, what’s next? Duck, Duck Goose?

Story via CBS Denver

Foul Baller

You know when people tell you “Karma’s A Bitch.” Well here’s proof.

The above video titled “Evil Woman Steals Ball From Little Girl” is sparking outrage on national news shows and across the world via social media.

Only, this video which shows a player tossing a foul ball to a little girl – before it was snatched greedily from her hands by a grown woman – is from a game more than two years ago.

The good news is that back in the day ballpark officials were told of the incident and the girl was presented with another special ball.

The better news? Two years ago that woman escaped the nation’s backlash… and now she’s apparently been identified and is receiving the appropriate admonishment.

And, yes, for a split second I thought it was Kris Jenner also!

Story via CBS Houston

Pool Party

All hell broke loose this week because of what the Arizona Diamondbacks are calling a “classless” move by the L.A. Dodgers.

Was the anger instigated by one of the Dodgers’ pitchers lobbing a D’Backs batter?

Nope. The seems the entire state of Arizona is seething because Dodger players jumped in the Diamondbacks pool after clinching the NL West.

You know what I have to say to the Diamondbacks about that?

If you build it they will come.

Suck it up Arizona. Perhaps you should focus on winning more games so you can celebrate in your own pool next season.

However, rumor has it, some LA players actually peed in the pool.

Well, now that changes things a little bit.

Story via CBS Los Angeles


As I’m sure you recall Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome injury against Duke during the Elite Eight round of the NCAA Championship, earlier this year.

Well this week, one of his teammates posted a video of him dunking on the practice court and exclaiming: “I’m back.”

Isn’t it finally time for Derrick Rose to be ashamed of himself?

Story via CBS New York

Moonwalk In Mowtown

I am a die-hard Mets fan (I accept your condolences) and I prefer National League ball for a number of reasons I’m not going to entertain here.

But, when it comes to the American League I just adore the Detroit Tigers. The stadium alone makes it worth becoming a fan.

And Wednesday night after his team clinched the AL Central title for the third straight season, coach Jim Leyland, earned my continued support.

During a tear-filled post-game interview Torii Hunter pulls Leyland into the locker room where he performs the Moonwalk a la Michael Jackson while getting soaked with Champagne.  Then, without missing a beat, he graciously returns to the interview.

Refreshing to see someone starting with the “Man in the Mirror.”

Story Via CBS Detroit

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