Townie Trivia: How Much Do You Know About Malden?

May 29, 2014 5:46 AM

(Photo from City of Malden/Facebook)

(Photo from City of Malden/Facebook)

(Photo from City of Malden/Facebook)

(Photo from City of Malden/Facebook)

A stone’s throw from Boston, the city of Malden was settled by the Puritans in the 17th century. Around 60,000 people live within the confines of this 5.1 square mile city. Test your knowledge. How much do you know about Malden?

1. Malden was named “The Best Place to Live” in Massachusetts by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2009.
A. True
B. False

2. How did Malden play a large role in the Revolutionary War?
A. It was the first town to petition to withdraw from the British Empire.
B. It was home to the first gunpowder storage facility.
C. It was the sight of one of the first Revolutionary battles.
D. It was the first town to completely boycott British tea.

3. Malden has the country’s second oldest ___.
A. Mill
B. Dairy Farm
C. String Quartet
D. High School Rivalry

4. Which shoes were first made in Malden?
A. Converse All-Star
B. Sperry Topsider
C. Air Jordan
D. Birkenstock

5. A Malden couple was the first in the US to ____.
A. Sail around the world in fewer than 60 days.
B. Climb Mt Everest over the age of 55.
C. Be married as a gay couple.
D. Have over 15 children.

6. How many Olympic gold medalists are from Malden?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

7. What was Malden named after?
A. The first settler of the town
B. A town in England.
C. The ship that the original settlers traveled on.
D. The name has no significance.

8. Which Steven King novel is set in Malden?
A. Cell
B. Doctor Sleep
C. Insomnia
D. Duma Key

9. Breno Giacomini of Malden plays for which NFL team?
A. Atlanta Falcons
B. San Diego Chargers
C. New York Jets
D. Buffalo Bills

10. John Upham settled Malden after he left which present-day town?
A. Weymouth
B. Melrose
C. Medford
D. Everett

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