DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pam In Quincy Looking Out Over The Water

April 2, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr boston DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pam In Quincy Looking Out Over The Water

“Two of my goals as a kid were to own my own house and drive a Mercedes.”

The Ride
The Driver: Pam
Vehicle in Question: 2012 Mercedes SLK 350
Spotted at: East Squantum Street, Quincy, MA 02171
Odometer: 40,000
Nickname: Love Machine


Q: What a beautiful view. What drives you to Quincy?

A: I love this view, the ocean, with the city skyline of Boston in the background. Being from Arizona, the ocean is really special to me. It’s one of the things I love about Boston. Plus, I’m always thinking about where I can go next on an adventure. I love the water. I love to drive my car.

Q: What do you love so much about this car?

A: I had an older model, a 2005, the same style and everything. I just loved it. It’s sort of like getting the perfect piece of jewelry or the perfect blouse to wear when you go out. That’s kind of how I feel when I get in the car. So when my other car was unfortunately fatally injured in a traffic accident, I had to get the newer mode.

Q: You seem to love this car so much. Would you say it’s your dream car?

A: Growing up as a kid, my family wasn’t well off, so I had lots of dreams. Two of my goals as a kid were to someday own my own house and to someday drive a Mercedes SLK. All the neighbors and neighborhood kids used to laugh at me. The adults would be like, Oh, keep on dreaming kid, keep dreaming. I do feel like I have my dream car!

Q: Does this dream car have a nickname?

A: I do. I call my car Love Machine. You just get in the car, it purrs. It’s hugging you, It’s keeping you warm. It’s making you look good.

Q: You mentioned earlier you have a wife. Does she love the car as much as you do?

A: She loves it too. She doesn’t like to drive that much, which is all the better for me. Some of our best times are cruising down the highway or the streets. I feel terrific because I think we both look so good. People are turning to look at us as we drive by. She can just sit there and just kind of be like the crown jewel on top of everything.

Q: Do you have any tricks for driving and parking in Boston?

A: I call it a trick. I don’t know if it will work for everybody, but I always believe in positive thinking. When we are going to a nice restaurant in downtown Boston or something, we just automatically imagine a space with the Love Machine parked in it. It has worked pretty well. I’d say probably about 90 percent of the time, all of the sudden a space opens up for us!

Photos and interview by Melissa Ostrow

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