Boston’s Best Fancy French Restaurants

April 4, 2012 4:00 PM

(Photo Credit: Mistral/Facebook)

Boston has seen the number of fancy French restaurants spike in recent years. And since dining at French restaurants often costs big bucks, and for many is reserved for special occasions, it’s important to make sure you find one with exceptional food. Here’s our list of Boston’s Best French restaurants. Service at all of these restaurants is impeccable. The food is equally so.
mistral Boston’s Best Fancy French Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Mistral/Facebook)


223 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 867-9300

In French, the word Mistral refers to a cold winter wind in France. Appropriately so, the food is so exquisite, it will give you chills. Chef Jamie Mammano manages to fuse an abundance of brilliant flavors, particularly in the Lamb Osso Bucco with Goat Cheese Polenta.

lespalier Boston’s Best Fancy French Restaurants

(Photo Credit: L'espalier/Facebook)


774 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199
(617) 262-3023

L’Espalier ranks among the most expensive and most delicious restaurants in the entire country, which is really no surprise, considering Chef Frank McClellan continues to add on to his plethora of ‘Best Chef’ awards, which span more than three decades and counting. L’Espalier serves up a brilliant French interpretation of New England cuisine with an unheard of focus on freshness. McClellan runs an organic farm in Essex, growing herbs, fruits, vegetables, and raising honeybees, egg laying chickens and livestock – all of which is used in the food at L’Espalier.

menton Boston’s Best Fancy French Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Menton/Facebook)


354 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 737-0099

Menton is renowned Chef Barbara Lynch’s most upscale creation. With a four course prix fixe menu at a price of $95 per person, and a chef tasting priced at $155 per person, you should expect this place to be top notch. Hundreds of rave reviews across five different review websites seem to back u the fact that Menton is tops.

salts Boston’s Best Fancy French Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Salts Restaurant/Facebook)

Salts Restaurant

798 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 876-8444


The gem on Salts’ menu is the roasted boneless duck for two. The lavender honey glazed duck is served up with a side of sweet roasted pears, delicious heirloom carrots, and petite farm turnips. Chef Gabreil Bremer and his wife, Analia Verolo have mastered this rarely seen dish. Due to a limited number of ducks each day (read: FRESH!!!), Salt’s requests that you reserve one in advance. Salt’s has its own organic farm in New Hampshire and works with local farmers to ensure the finest and freshest ingredients.

craigie Boston’s Best Fancy French Restaurants

(Photo Credit: Craigie on Main/Facebook)

Craigie on Main

853 Main Street
(617) 497-5511

Craigie’s seasonal ingredients from local farmers are almost exclusively organic. Rather than ordering ingredients for his menu, Chef Tony Maws builds his menus around the ingredients he finds. Based on that principle, the menu changes daily. But one thing is constant: amazing super-fresh food with wonderfully complex flavors. Craigie’s seasonal tasting menus are renowned and include a vegetarian version that even a carnivore can thoroughly enjoy. Chef Maws’ accolades speak loudly about the food’s brilliance. Food & Wine, GQ, and Food Network are among those who have recognized Craigie as one of the best restaurants in the entire country.

Runners up (a few other French restaurants with outstanding reputations in Boston):

Hamersley’s Bistro

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