Boston’s Best Chili

April 11, 2012 5:59 PM

Chicken Chili

Plenty of places in Boston serve up Chili. But honestly, trying to find a good bowl of chili in Boston can be a little like looking for clam chowder at a Texas rodeo. Fortunately, finding fantastic chili around here is not completely out of the realm of possible. Here are a few of Boston’s best bowls of chili.
all star Bostons Best Chili

(Photo Credit: All Star Sandwich Bar/Facebook)

All Star Sandwich Bar

1245 Cambridge st.
Cambridge, MA
(617) 868-3065

All Star’s spicy Texas State Penn Chili is heavy on the shredded beef brisket and served up with sour cream, onions, jack cheese, lime and a side of cornbread. If you know anything about Texas-style chili, there is no room any ‘filler.’ So if you like your chili with beans, stay away.

grendel Bostons Best Chili

(Photo Credit: Grendel's Den/Facebook)

Grendel’s Den

89 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, MA

While equally delicious, you may be able to guess that Grendel’s Homemade Vegan Chili is the complete opposite end of the spectrum as All Star’s. A hearty five-bean chili with tortilla chips topped with a spoonful of cilantro pesto.

poor house Bostons Best Chili

(Photo Credit: Pour House/Facebook)

Pour House

907 Boylston St.
Boston MA 02115
(617) 236-1767

This popular Boylston Street dive bar serves up a spicy homemade Fire House Chili that is loaded up with melted cheddar cheese and served with tortilla chips. How spicy is it? Stealing a joke from the Pour House website, “Good thing the fire department is only six doors down.” On a serious note, if you need something to wash down the chili with, the beer at Pour House is cheap.

highland Bostons Best Chili

(Photo Credit: Highland Kitchen)

Highland Kitchen

150 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA
(617) 625-1131

Highland’s chili is more than just an eating experience. Their Spicy Texas Style Beef Chili pairs well with their Mark and Stormy. The homemade drink is a mix of Maker’s Mark and spicy homemade chili infused ginger beer. It’s a fantastic balance of sweet and spicy.

Know somewhere that serves up a better chili in Boston? Let us know in the comments section below.