Best Places To Grab A Drink At Boston’s Logan Airport

December 7, 2013 6:00 AM

Logan International Airport. (Photo credit: C.J. GUNTHER/AFP/Getty Images)

Traveling can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. Over-packed bags, misplaced items, delayed flights and general jitters all plague the common traveler. This time, start your trip off on a different foot. Should a bump come in the road on your journey, have no fear. There is always an antidote to get your trip started off right. Use this list of places to grab drinks at Boston’s airport to keep your spirits up – literally.
(Photo from Vino Volo)

(Photo from Vino Volo)

Vino Volo
Logan Airport
Terminal E, Gate E6
1 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
(617) 568-0051

If you are a vinophile, look no further than Vino Volo to enjoy wines better than most served in your standard airport bar. The Vino Volo experience is not just about drinking wine, it is also about discovering your personal tastes and identifying wines perfect for you. Staff will walk you through specially crafted guides to assist you in identifying your preferences and comparable wines. Located in Terminal E for travelers heading to international destinations, there is no better way to start your trip than by enjoying wine from the country of your destination.

(Photo from Legal Sea Foods)

(Photo from Legal Sea Foods)

Legal Test Kitchen
Logan Airport
Terminal A
(617) 568-1888

Thirsty travelers who are strapped for time can enjoy quick service at Terminal A’s Legal Test Kitchen. And it is even better if your flight is short. Bring fresh New England lobster perfectly packed for your trip to the tummies of your destination. Menu options highlight local seafood favorites. The beer selection includes many Boston local breweries including Sam Adams and Harpoon. Upon sitting down, inform your server of your schedule, and your orders will be expedited.

(Photo from Harpoon)

(Photo from Harpoon)

Harpoon Tap Room
Logan Airport
Terminal A
(617) 561-4704

If beer is what you crave, there is no better option at Logan Airport than Harpoon Tap Room. As the name implies, there is plenty of beer here for the choosing. With breweries in both Boston and Windsor, VT, Harpoon dishes out the good stuff in many varieties. Just one pour of the 10-percent Leviathan IPA will have you feeling like your head’s in the air while your feet still remain grounded. If traveling for the holidays, the Grateful Harvest Ale will have you feeling festive with its hints of cranberry. Stop in and you are sure to find a beer to suit any taste.

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(Photo from Remy's)

(Photo from Remy’s)

Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grille
Logan Airport
Terminal C
(617) 567-5379

Non-Boston-based travelers can get their taste of local sports at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grille. Jerry Remy, a former Red Sox player and now local broadcaster, will show you the way and possibly convert you in the process. With the restaurant and bar interior made to look and feel like Fenway Park, you will feel at home with Red Sox fans. If you get hungry during your visit, be sure to try a hot dog (a Remy original from Fenway Park) and a bowl of clam chowder.

(Photo Credit: Lucky's Lounge/Twitter)

(Photo Credit: Lucky’s Lounge/Twitter)

Lucky’s Lounge
Logan Airport
Terminal A
(617) 567-2299

Boston residents love Lucky’s Fort Point location for its throwback, rat pack vibe and jazz brunch Sundays. This hidden gem (easy to pass by) is out in the open at Terminal A at Logan Airport for all to enjoy. Take this rare opportunity to sip cocktails inspired by the era of cool.  Menu options are inspired by blue plate specials and good old fashioned home-cooked meals. If you are pressed for time, stick to the fast food side of the menu to give yourself enough time.

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