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October 26, 2010 5:59 PM

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Pizza may not be the first thing you think of when you think about food in Boston, but there are plenty of places vying for your patronage. There’s thin crust, lots of sauce, whole tomatoes, all sorts of variety. Here’s a sampling of some of the places that continue to rise to the top of the lists when asked: Where’s the best pizza in Boston?
regina Best Pizza In Boston


Regina Pizzeria

North End

Regina Pizzeria has been open since 1926 and consistently ranks number one on “Best of” lists. It serves brick-oven pizza, and often the line stretches out the door while people wait to be served. It should be noted, that although you can find this brand in franchise, reviewers say it will never be as good as the original.

uppercrust Best Pizza In Boston


The Upper Crust

Upper Crust serves Neapolitan-style pizza and is another place that consistently gets lots of votes in “Best of” contests. There’s a location in nearly every neighborhood in Boston and a type of pizza for nearly every palate. You can go from traditional pepperoni to chicken fajita to herb-roasted scallops, bacon and Asiago.

santarpios Best Pizza In Boston



East Boston

Santarpio’s has been in the same building next to the ramp that runs from the Callahan Tunnel to Logan Airport for more than 100 years. A new location recently opened in Peabody. The crust is thin, and some reviews have said that makes the cheese too “slippery.” The toppings are basic, with nothing too extravagant, but that’s how the owner wants to keep it – basic.

oggifb Best Pizza In Boston

(credit: Oggie Gourmet via Facebook)

Oggi Gourmet

Harvard Square

Oggi’s opened in 2004 and since then has been collecting awards. That year Boston Magazine voted it “Best Traditional Pizza.” In 2005, The Improper Bostonian named it “Best Innovative Pizza.” And in 2006, it was nominated for “Best Pizza” in the WBZ Boston A-list. This place serves more than the traditional pie. You’ll find a lot of fresh ingredients and things you may not expect to see on a pizza – like toasted almonds, feta cheese and eggplant.

pinos Best Pizza In Boston



Cleveland Circle

Pino’s has been around since 1962 and many reviews say this will be the closest you’ll get to a New York pie in Boston. Pino’s makes a Sicilian pie and has been voted both #1 Place for Pizza and Best Slice in separate polls. It’s been in a consistent battle with Presto, which is down the street.

pizza1 Best Pizza In Boston

(credit: AP)


Cleveland Circle

As mentioned in the write up about Pino’s, Presto has been part of a neighborhood rivalry for several years now. People continue to go back and forth between the two to decide which they like best. Presto is known for its thin, crispy crust and its sauce.

What’s your favorite place? Why? Add your voice to the comment section.

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  • Tony Rufo

    San Donato Pizzeria, Washington Street Brighton
    Locally owned and operated. Everything is made fresh daily. Pizza, calzone, subs, wraps. Order on line at or call in, take out delivery.

  • Eliot

    Been going to Regina for the better part of 40 of my 54 years-still and always will be the best

  • Paul S (pork chop)

    621 GRILLE @ 621 BROADWAY MALDEN. Best Pizza around. A must try

  • jaygee

    While it is true that the Upper Crust is terrific, I have stopped going there because of their hiring practices. They not only broke the law by hiring illegal immigrants but then stuck it to them by not paying them fairly.

  • Darrell Medina

    The Absolute Best Pizza is from LYNWOOD CAFE! In Randolf mass. once you try it you will be hooked!

  • jerk

    Domino’s hands down – Papa Gino’s not a distant second

  • jerk

    let me know when the mexican rating comes out – taco bell is back on top with real meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Smitty

    Love Santarpio’s, but after moving to Sturbridge realized that Enrico’s on Main st is the best there is!

  • DeeGee

    Ate at santarpio’s one time. On the bottom of the pizza is cornmeal I think, remember the old bowling machine’s where you threw the round metal disk at the pins and before you did you shook this can of stuff on the “lane” that’s what the stuff on the bottom of the pizza reminded me of. One time was it. I’m good.
    Best pizza IMHO, and I know they said Boston, but it is Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton.

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