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October 22, 2010 3:22 PM

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Burgers have been an American staple for a long time. Sometimes they’re served with nothing more than lettuce and tomato, other times they are accompanied by lobster and hollandaise sauce. Everyone seems to have their favorite burger, and their favorite burger spot. Luckily, there are plenty of places in greater-Boston serving them, and plenty of people talking about them.
Four Burgers


Four Burgers

704 Mass Ave in Central Square
(617) 441-5444

Favorite of: Jeff Cutler. He maintains WWJCE, (What Would Jeff Cutler Eat) and is half of theNomX3 ‘Lets Do Lunch’ blog duo.
“Four Burgers is no misnomer – they prepare four types of burgers fresh as they’re ordered every day — including veggie, beef, fish and turkey,” Cutler says. “They also sometimes do bison or other special burgers. Cooked-to-perfection, their meat is great and their service is stellar.”
The beef is from grass-fed cows, and the owner pointed out on Yelp that a lot of his ingredients come from local vendors.

Miracle of Science

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Miracle of Science

321 Mass Ave. in Central Square
(61) 868-ATOM

Jeff Cutler doesn’t have to wander far for his next choice. Miracle of Science opened in Central Square in 1991, and proudly boasts being “a leader in geek-chic.” For example, the menu on the wall resembles the Periodic Table. “Miracle of Science also has a unique approach – preparing its burgers with ingredients inside,” says Cutler. “My favorite – but really spicy – is the Ronie burger. It’s prepared with jalapenos in it. Wildly tasty, but with a healthy burn.”

The Oak Room


The Oak Room

Fairmount Copley Plaza
138 St. James Avenue,
(617) 267-5300

Favorite of: Ellen Rossano, a former public information officer for the Coast Guard and crisis manager and explorer.
The Oak Room has a “Burger Bar” on its lunch menu that includes a Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, a Southern Spiced Burger, a Vegetarian Garden Burger, and a Soy, Ginger, And Chili Seared Salmon Burger. But the one Rossano suggests is the Kobe Burger. It’s $16 and comes with a choice of cheese.




8 High Street
(61) 426-1234

Favorite of: Gradon Tripp, a regular at Cutler’s NomX3 lunches
“There’s something about the term ‘gourmet burger’ that makes you think you’re going to be dealing with something over-the-top,” says Tripp. “But the Radius burger takes the classic elements of a great burger — pure ground sirloin, Vermont cheddar, crispy onions and a soft Brioche bun — and turns them up a notch with a perfectly balanced horseradish and lemon sauce. You might blanch at the price ($19), but I guarantee the Radius burger outdoes your last $30 steak dinner.”

Jerry Remys


Jerry Remy’s

1265 Boylston Street
(617) 236-REMY

Want a burger but not the bun? As long as it’s not the carbs you’re worried about, swing by Jerry Remy’s.
This place, in the shadow of Fenway, offers a signature burger simply called “The Remy Burger” that has white cheddar, grilled onions, bacon and is served on fried dough.
There are plenty of other burger options in the city, and around the city. Where do you go when you’re craving a burger?

By Kara Matuszewski-Sassone
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  • Mike Rossini

    Where the heck is Mr. & Mrs Bartley’s or RF O’Sullivans (both in Cambridge)?

  • Ryan F.

    YEAH!!! What Mike said!

  • Bob Plugh

    Just reading about these places make me miss one of my all time favorites – Bel Canto. I actually liked the one in Somerville (Union Square) the best!

  • Jake D.

    You left out Eagle’s Deli in Brighton.

  • Cynic

    I’m not the first to ask “Wheres Bartleys,But I just have to add my voice…WHERES BARTLEYS?

  • mackytack

    rf o’sullivan’s is in somerville on beacon st!!! soooo good
    i think eagles burgers are highly overrated!!!

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