The Jordan Rich Show

The Jordan Rich Show

Advocating Parental Visitation Legislation
A Daughter's Memoir
Love, Loss and Life After Death

Judy Boss, author of "Deception Island"

A Romantic, Mysterious Journey to Antarctica
An introspective hour examining the human condition

The Mechanical Men and Women on Film

A chat about our favorite movie robots!

Schlopping... It's All about Love!

Meet Mother and Daughter Sheryl & Yael

Blake Harris, author of "Console Wars"

Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation
Authentic Wisdom Creates Superheroes

Best selling author Ben Mezrich

Once Upon a Time in Russia
Not since Tiny Tim on the Carson show...

Gretchen Carlson

The Fox News Anchor presents her new book

Best selling author Joe Finder

Read Joe's latest, "The Fixer"

The Real Batman!

The Legendary Adam West
John chats with JR on a recent tour of Boston