The Jordan Rich Show

The Jordan Rich Show

Dr. Judith Schlesinger, "The Insanity Hoax"

A Closer Look at the Genius Mind

Karen Lacourse with Rock Meadow Honey

Karen the Beekeeper and her Sweet Hobby!

Dan Biederman: Changing City Landscapes!

Bringing private funds to public space management
An inside look at jury selection

Brad Meltzer, author of "I am Jackie Robinson"

Ordinary People Change the World Series

Actor John Mcginley

Star of "Scrubs," "Office Space," and more joins the show.

Singer Songwriter Sammy Stray

From the fifties to today, Sammy still makes sweet music!

Kerri LeBlang on the Power of One Word

Singer, actress, author on an answer to bullying

Clea Newman with the Serious Fun Network

Paul Newman's daughter on the Power of Giving Back
His new book, "Post Romantic Stress Disorder"

A Celebration of Hanukah

Rabbi Howard Berman, Central Reform Temple, Boston

Legendary Hollywood Icon Kirk Douglas

The actor discusses his new book, "Life Could be Verse"

Actress and Children's Author Evangaline Lilly

The Star of "Lost" discusses her book "The Squickerwonkers"

Terrorism expert and Author Mike Kelly

Mike discusses his new book "The Bus on Jaffa Road"

Drawing the Mark Marderosian

Nationally renowned cartoonist teaches me to draw!



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