The Jordan Rich Show

The Jordan Rich Show

Dawn Carroll joins Patti from the Over My Shoulder Found.
An fascinating archeologist's discovery about the Bible
Chris Palermo & Frankie Imbergamo

Pit Bull Guru Drayton Michaels

Proper training and care for various dog breeds
Uber drivers, sensational trials, overseas treaties
A new documentary on the origins of the Women's Movement

Broadway, Film and TV Star Betty Buckley

A Chat with Betty appearing soon at Scullers Jazz

Country Rock Singer Phil Vaught

A Rising Talent, One to Watch!

Ther Allure of SteamPunk

The Rosenbaums, King and Queen of SteamPunk!

Montana based poet Diane Elliot

Shattering Porcelain Images
A challenging life becoming transgender

Author Ron Fierstein on the life of Edwin Land

A Triumph of Genius: Land who created Polaroid and more!

Comic Wendy Liebman and author Darlene Arden

Wendy shares career highlights and lots of laughs

Dr. Judith Schlesinger, "The Insanity Hoax"

A Closer Look at the Genius Mind

Karen Lacourse with Rock Meadow Honey

Karen the Beekeeper and her Sweet Hobby!