Which Is More Understandable? Buying Jim Harbaugh’s Game-Worn Pants Vs. Other Weird Celebrity Things

(credit: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
(credit: Mark Mainz/Getty Images)
  • VS. Britney Spears’ Gum
    Such as - how to put this delicately? - did Harbaugh sweat in these pants? Have these been washed? This raises all sorts of questions about Jim Harbaugh’s underwear hygiene that I don’t want to consider.
    It’s gross because it’s chewed gum (which sold for $14,000!). I don’t care whose mouth it was in. That said, in the grand scheme of things, there are grosser things than, you know, saliva and such.
  • VS. Justin Timberlake’s Breakfast
    ...and nothing that weird.
    After an interview in 2000, Justin Timberlake left two pieces of French toast untouched. They sold on eBay for over $1,000. The winning bidder said she would “...probably freeze dry it...then put it on my dresser.” Ew ew ew EW EW!
  • VS. Elvis’ Hair
    Collecting hair might be the creepiest thing in the history of the world. And even if it’s Elvis’ hair, any sympathy I might have once had went out the window during research, because it forced me to read about the man who authenticated it. A man who lives in Connecticut who does nothing but collect samples of - and authenticate - celebrity hair. (!!!)
  • VS. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Exhaled Air
    ...I mean, at least you can see, feel, and wear pants.
    Oh my God I can’t handle this country. People bought this for $529. How...how did people get their hands on this? Did they sneak up and just put a mason jar in front of both actors when they happened to have their eyes closed?
  • VS. Jerry Garcia’s Toilet
    Yep. Pants wins. We’re done here.
    I can’t. It sold for over $2,000. You guys I can’t.
With a score of 4-1, I’m ashamed to say that a pre-worn pair of pants is not one of the weirdest things you can buy. Way to go, America. -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor