Yahoo, AOL's New Privacy Policy Allows Them To Read Your EmailsOath notes that it has the right to read your emails, instant messages, posts, photos and even look at your message attachments.
Every Yahoo Account Breached In 2013 HackYahoo has tripled down on what was already the largest data breach in history.
Keller @ Large: The Lessons Of 2016Once 2017 gets here, we’ll soon see who did and who didn’t learn the lessons of 2016.
Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Information From Over 1B AccountsYahoo says it believes hackers stole data from more than one billion user accounts in August 2013.
Yahoo Confirms Huge Data Breach Affecting 500 Million AccountsYahoo says the personal information in 500 million accounts was stolen in a massive security breakdown.
Verizon Buys Yahoo For $4.83 BillionVerizon is buying Yahoo for $4.83 billion, marking the end of an era for a company that once defined the internet.
Yahoo Releases Top 10 Searches In 2015Famous names made up eight of the top 10 searches on Yahoo in 2015.
Yahoo's Updated Email App Aims To Kill The PasswordThe renovated app will include an option called "Account Key" that allows people to sign into their email without typing in a password.
Yahoo! Email Account Passwords StolenUsernames and passwords of some of Yahoo's email customers have been stolen and used to gather personal information.
NightSide - Joan Vennochi Discusses A New Yahoo Policy On TelecommutingYahoo’s CEO – Triumph Or Setback?
Yahoo Work From Home Ban Sparks Local ReactionThe new CEO of search engine Yahoo is making waves by saying employees can no longer work from home. Yahoo's new boss is not alone, as some local company chiefs share her concern.
Yahoo CEO Leaves Company Amid Controversy Over Stonehill DegreeYahoo says it is appointing Ross Levinsohn as interim CEO and Fred Amoroso as chairman of its board, effective immediately.