Tree Branch Crashes Through Windshield In AshlandA giant tree branch crashed through the windshield of truck in Ashland Monday.
I-93 Road Reflectors Scheduled To Be ReplacedA loose road reflector crashed through a Boston woman's windshield in Wilmington. The state has known about the problem for years.
Driver Hurt As Pavement Marker Crashes Into Windshield On I-93 In WilmingtonA driver was injured when a large piece of road debris crashed into her windshield on Interstate 93 in Wilmington Friday morning.
Sightseeing Trip Ends When 120-Pound Boulder Crashes On Car Two men from Massachusetts who took a sightseeing break in Arizona last month ended up with a 120-pound boulder between them in the front seat of their car.
Lynn Teen Severely Burned After Setting Fire To Washer FluidA 13-year-old Lynn boy is hospitalized with severe burns after an experiment with fire and windshield fluid went out of control.
Westford Man Recounts When Ice Crashed Through His WindshieldA Westford man was driving in New Hampshire Thursday morning when a chunk of ice flew off a truck and smashed into his car.
Ice From Mass Turnpike Overpass Shatters Car's WindshieldA few minutes into an hour long commute Tuesday a huge chunk of ice came crashing into a car on 95 North.