Westboro Baptist Church Founder Dead At 84The man who founded the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, which is widely known for picketing military funerals and anti-gay protests, has died.
Westboro Baptist Church Says God Punished Sox Fans With Marathon BombingThe controversial Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest outside the World Series games in St. Louis this weekend.
The U.S. Supreme Court: Legally Right & Morally WrongMost of this is old news, but the thing that gave me a jump-start this morning was the newspaper headline (out of Kansas City I believe) which stated...."The Supreme Court made the right call on funeral protests." No it did not!
NightSide Weekend Commentary - Dan Rea Believes The Supreme Court Was WrongThe Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas has a victory from the Supreme Court, but was the Supreme Court right?
Mass. To Continue To Enforce Funeral Protest RulesAttorney General Martha Coakley says Massachusetts will continue to enforce state law that keeps protesters at least 500 feet from a funeral.
Keller @ Large: Stand By First AmendmentLet's stand by the First Amendment, as a slain soldier's father suggests, not shrink from it, even though the Supreme Court says it protects military funeral protests.
Hate Group Protests Outside Local SchoolsA small group of protestors from an anti-gay organization in Kansas picketed outside of several local schools Friday.