Wes Narron

Wes Narron of City Wine Tours.

Ask A Boston Sommelier: Wes Narron Of City Wine Tours

Wes Narron knows the Boston wine scene like the back of his hand.


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Ask A Wine Expert: Pretty Labels That Actually Taste Great

We aren’t about to point any fingers, but plenty of people buy wine based solely on the pretty label. Here are 8 wines with nice labels that actually taste good, too.


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Ask A Boston Wine Expert: Popular Valentine’s Day Wine (With Food Pairings)

Check out these wines to make your Valentine’s Day that much better.


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Expert Picks: Best Massachusetts Wines For Fall

By Wes Narron, Chief Wine Ambassador, City Wine Tours You love wine. And you’re a conscientious person who wants to support the farm-to-table philosophy. The problem? Wine and “local.” Yeah, this is Boston, not L.A. […]