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Mild Weather Hangs Around For The Weekend

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Courtesy: Jim in Paxton, MA Pretty sure it was 5/5 this week on sunsets. The good times keep rolling here in New England this fall, with a stellar […]



Quiet Weekend Weather – Cold Ahead!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook There’s just something about autumn sunsets. The lower sun angle helps create such magical coloring in the sky, and it helps that we’ve had perfectly timed rain/snow showers […]


Did you know? Eric is a huge New England sports fan. In fact, he is a Red Sox season ticket holder, and he held onto his tickets even when living in Atlanta.  
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The End Is Nigh. Winds of Change Ahead!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Oh let me count the ways of how glorious our weather has been lately. It’s rained just once in the past 19 days, for starters…and it was at […]


Eric Fisher on Mt. Washington. (WBZ-TV)

A Beautiful Weekend, Then Things Get Interesting

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook First things first…I hope you had a chance to catch our trip up to Mt. Washington on Thursday! The crew at the Observatory was outstanding, and we had […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

After A Spectacular Week, Rain Returns

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook It’s one of those weeks where I could have come in on Monday, recorded a forecast, and let it run all week long. Just an unbelievable stretch of […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

A Photographic Day in New England

By mid-September, you’re noticing changes. Getting darker a little earlier. The rays of sun sitting lower in the sky. And the constant changing of air masses. Today, we got to experience all three. And the […]


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Mother’s Day Weekend Could Bring Worst Traffic Of Year

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said the Friday before Mother’s Day was the worst traffic day of 2012.



Rain-Snow Line Challenge In Weekend Storm

It’s a definite that today will be a pleasant winter day with sunshine, lighter winds, and highs flirting with 40F.



No Blizzard, But A Close Call!

After a dusting in the morning, a system off the coast could provide some heavy snowfall overnight.



Snow On The Horizon

The models are hinting at a few snow showers on Saturday, but now the time period that we are focusing on will be Saturday night into Sunday morning.