WBZ’s Carl Stevens

One of Maggie Harling's three Airedale terriers. (Photo by Carl Stevens)

Northboro Couple Ordered To Build A Bigger Fence After Dog Attack

A Northboro couple has been ordered to build a higher fence for their dogs after one of them attacked a neighbor.


Construction Woes in Framingham

Seemingly endless road construction in Framingham is starting to take its toll on some small businesses.


Ouch…A Poem For The Red Sox

An injury-plagued season is almost over for the Red Sox.


Arlington: The Pledge of Allegiance

WBZ’s Carl Stevens talks with the young man responsible for the return of the Pledge of Allegiance to Arlington public schools.


Shoes That Hurt


Italian Breakfast for Dogs (video)

                                          A breakfast delicacy for dogs in the North End.


A Long Journey For Massport Cranes

Captain Don Rogers is at the helm of a tugboat pulling six huge cranes from Oakland to Boston.  The cranes were purchased by Massport, and will be at the Conley Terminal in South Boston.


U.F.C. in Boston (video)

                                           Less than a year after Massachusetts legalized mixed martial arts, U.F.C. brings its fan expo to the Hynes Convention Center.


More Water in Somerville (video)

                                         Heavy rains created problems, again at the Somerville Public Safety Building; but this time the problems were minor.


Brighton Water Main Break (video)

                                         A morning drive water main break in Brighton creates some headaches. (8/25/10)