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Daily Talker: Mandatory Medical Tests

A judge has refused to block a program by Honeywell Inc. that requires employees to take medical tests or risk being fined. Do you think companies should be allowed to penalize workers who refuse to take medical tests?


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Daily Talker: Soda Tax

People in two California cities will be heading to the polls tomorrow to cast their ballot on a proposed soda tax. Would you support a tax on soda here in Massachusetts?


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Daily Talker: Nurse vs. Maine

A battle is brewing between a nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and the state of Maine. Should she obey state laws or does she have the right to defy authorities if she believes she is truly Ebola-free?


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Daily Talker: Postponing Halloween

Officials in Westminster have postponed the town’s annual Halloween festivities, including trick-or-treating, due to concerns over the EEE virus. Do you think towns should postpone Halloween due to concerns over EEE?


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Daily Talker: Trailblazing Tobacco Ban?

Officials in the Central Massachusetts town of Westminster could be the nation’s first community to ban all sales of tobacco products. What do you think of this proposal? Would you want smoking banned where you live?


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Daily Talker: State vs. Federal Ebola Policies

Leaders in New York and New Jersey made headlines Friday with strict new mandatory quarantine policies to fight the spread of Ebola. What do you think? Should individual states be able to come up with their own guidelines to fight Ebola or should all states adhere to the federal guidelines?


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Daily Talker: Wasteful Spending

We’re talking about Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn’s annual “Wastebook,” a ranking of 2014’s top 100 worst examples of government waste. How concerned are you about the way the government spends money?


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Daily Talker: Body Cameras On Mass. Police Officers?

The I-Team has learned that body cameras could be coming to Massachusetts police departments, a proposal that has gained momentum following the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Do you think officers at your local police department should wear body cameras?


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Daily Talker: Controversial Action Figures

A mother in Florida has started a campaign to have “Breaking Bad”-inspired action figures removed from Toys R Us stores across the country. Do you think selling the action figures at Toys R Us is inappropriate?


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Daily Talker: The Fallout In Keene, NH

The cleanup continued on Sunday after violent parties erupted near Keene, New Hampshire’s annual pumpkin festival. What do you think should happen to Keene State College students who were involved in Saturday’s riots?





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