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Daily Talker: Wahlberg Pardon?

Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg is asking Massachusetts for a pardon for assaults he committed when he was a troubled teenager in 1988. Do you think the state should pardon Wahlberg’s assault charges now that he has turned his life around?


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Daily Talker: Tunnel Trouble

15 cars were involved in a pileup inside the O’Neill Tunnel yesterday morning, the latest in a string of incidents inside a tunnel that has seen its fare share of problems since opening in 2003. What do you think should be done to improve safety in the O’Neill Tunnel?


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Daily Talker: Ban On Carry-On Luggage?

Due to terror concerns, U.S. and British authorities are reportedly considering a ban on carry-on luggage and electronics. What do you think about this idea?


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Daily Talker: Body Camera Debate

On Monday, the White House pledged $263 million in new federal funding for 50,000 body cameras, as well as expand training for law enforcement and more resources for police department reform. Would you support police officers in your town wearing body cameras?


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Daily Talker: Structured Recess

Structured recess is in its 2nd year at a school in Stoughton and means children chose what game they want to play at recess rather than play whatever they want. How would you feel if your child had to participate in structured recess?


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Daily Talker: Black Friday Frenzy

How do you feel about stores opening earlier on Thanksgiving day rather than on actual Black Friday? Do you think Massachusetts Blue Laws should be changed?


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Daily Talker: Your Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day many of you enjoy with family and friends over a delicious meal. What are some of your special or unique Thanksgiving traditions?


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Daily Talker: Googling Thanksgiving Recipes

The folks at Google have compiled an interesting list just in time for Thanksgiving. They broke down the most distinctive Thanksgiving recipes that were searched on Google, by state, not just the most-googled overall. In […]


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Daily Talker: Decision In Ferguson

People across the country are waking up this morning to the chaotic images of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following a grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. How can America learn from the events of Ferguson, Missouri? Are there any lessons that can be learned?


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Daily Talker: Holiday or Christmas?

A public meeting will be held tonight in Marshfield following the school district’s decision to remove the word “Christmas” from the school calendar. Should the Marshfield school district change the words “holiday break” back to “Christmas vacation”?





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