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Curious Why I'm Paying For Water In Canned Foods

With the price of groceries what they are today, all of us want to make sure we are getting what we pay for. John from Lincoln Declared His Curiosity…


Curious How Oil Spill Will Impact New England

Oil has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico for 72 days; more than 140 million gallons and it keeps flowing. The question many in New England are…


MWRA leak

MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey updates WBZ’s Ed Walsh on the latest leak in the Boston area water supply.


MWRA repairs underway on damaged main

Work is underway in Weston on the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority water main that ruptured this Spring. 


New Bedford woman/car crash into water

An elderly driver was trapped in her car Saturday morning when it ended up in the water in New Bedford.


Water systems pressed by lack of rain, high demand

  Local water systems are strained by drier than normal weather and households watering parched lawns.