The Wallach Head Invades NFL Headquarters, Photobombs ESPN's Live ShotAdolfo braved the elements of a long bus ride, a crazy cab driver inside a taxi with no air conditioning, and was able to crash the ESPN live shot.
Toucher & Rich: Print Out Your Very Own Wallach HeadHeading to the Patriots game on Saturday? Want your very own Wallach Head?
Toucher & Rich: The Wallach Head Joins The Sox GiveawayOn Thursday, the Red Sox sent out people with giant cutouts of player heads to get fans hyped up for opening day and give out some great Sox prizes. With the giant Wallach head at their disposal, Toucher & Rich decided to join in on the fun.
Toucher & Rich: The Rush TestRush was in town and the guys sent Adolfo out to talk to some fans of the band and ask them a few questions for what the guys are calling The Rush Test.
Toucher & Rich: The Wallach Head Covers Valentine's FiringThe station went and replaced the giant Wallach head that Adolfo let get stolen while waiting in line for the iPhone 5 and the guys sent him out with the replacement head to get on the news as reporters covered the firing of Bobby Valentine.
Toucher & Rich: Adolfo Lost The Giant Wallach HeadKnowing that news stations would head out to cover people waiting in lines for the new iPhone T&R sent Adolfo out there with a giant Wallach head to get on television. While Adolfo was grabbing a nap someone stole the sign and the guys are not happy.
Toucher & Rich: Watch For A Giant Wallach Head Waiting For An iPhone 5Apple's brand new iPhone 5 is hitting stores on Friday and some are already in line waiting to be the first to grab one. Well the guys thought they would send Adolfo out there to wait in line, but what could he hold to get visibility? How about a giant Jon Wallach head?