Uber is a popular car-for-hire app. (Uber)

Lawsuit Filed In Boston Accuses Uber Of Exploiting Drivers

A Boston labor lawyer has sued the car service Uber, alleging that it exploits its drivers.



Daily Talker: Uber Says New Rules Would Shut Down Service In Cambridge

Tuesday night, the Cambridge License Commission will vote on a series of regulations that could shut down ride-sharing services like UberX and Lyft.

According to a blog post from Uber, the new rules would include a $50 minimum price for any non-taxi car ride no matter the distance or time of the ride, a ban on requesting rides on-demand from anything other than a taxi, and prohibit the use of devices like phones and tablets in calculating fares.


Uber is a popular car-for-hire app. (Uber)

All Things Travel: Future Of U.S. Transportation Found In Boston

Uber, the technology company that uses a phone app to get you a ride, just raised $1.2 billion in new financing.


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Boston Taxi Drivers Protest Outside Uber Car Service Headquarters

Dozens of taxis filled the streets in front of Uber’s Boston headquarters on Thursday as part of a protest.


Uber is a popular car-for-hire app. (Uber)

Boston Police Commissioner Questions Safety Of Uber App

The Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says he wants more public regulation of what he calls “gypsy cabs.”


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Boston Cab Operators Go After California Company

Uber Technologies of San Francisco has set up an app to operate a car-for-hire service that cab companies say violates every regulation in the book.


(Photo credit: HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

App Will Let Bostonians Summon Ice Cream Truck

Quite possibly the greatest (or worst) app ever invented is set to launch Friday in Boston. It allows you to summon an ice cream truck.



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