TSA Collects Over $13K In Loose Change At Logan In FY 2014Travelers at Logan Airport have been finding their pockets a little lighter after going through security.
Loaded Gun Found In Carry-On At LoganA loaded gun was found in a 26-year-old man’s carry-on luggage at Logan Airport on Monday.
TSA Seized Thousands Of Weapons In 2014, Some Found In Odd PlacesTSA officers confiscated more weapons from airline travelers in 2014 than in the previous year, the agency reported Friday. And some of those weapons were found in odd places.
TSA Lost & Found Contact InformationThe TSA holds items left at checkpoints for 30 days, but only about 10 percent is ever claimed.
Curt Schilling's Son Accidentally Brings Plastic Grenade Through Logan SecurityFormer Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was involved in an airport delay created when his son accidentally brought a plastic grenade through security.
I-Team: Airport Line-Skippers Raise Security ConcernsConcerns about airport security are being aired just as the heavy holiday travel season gets underway.
TSA Finds Dozens Of Credit Cards Inside Teddy Bear At LoganMassachusetts State Police are investigating an unusual find at Logan International Airport.
iPhone-Turned-Knife Among Alarming Items Confiscated At LoganA lipstick tube that conceals a blade inside, a credit card that folds into a knife and a fake iPhone with a knife that slides out are some of the TSA's confiscated items.
Mass. Man Detained After Cologne Sets Off Airport Explosive DetectorA man says the end to his vacation was anything but pleasant when TSA agents targeted him because of his cologne.
TSA To Require Fliers From Overseas To Turn On Devices Before Boarding Most passengers interviewed at Logan Airport said they would not have a problem with the requirement to power up electronic devices.
TSA Finds Credit Card Knives At NH, RI & Other AirportsThe federal Transportation Security Administration says its agents have been finding a growing number of credit-card knives at inspection checkpoints, including in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.
5 Airline Employees Busted In Alleged Cash Smuggling Operation At Logan AirportSeveral commercial airline employees at Logan Airport are facing conspiracy and money laundering charges for allegedly using their security clearances to smuggle $417,000 in cash past security checkpoints and onto commercial flights.