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Mass. Man Detained After Cologne Sets Off Airport Explosive Detector

A man says the end to his vacation was anything but pleasant when TSA agents targeted him because of his cologne.


Travelers flying to the United States from overseas will have to turn on electronic devices before boarding under new TSA rules. (WBZ-TV)

TSA To Require Fliers From Overseas To Turn On Devices Before Boarding

Most passengers interviewed at Logan Airport said they would not have a problem with the requirement to power up electronic devices.


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TSA Finds Credit Card Knives At NH, RI & Other Airports

The federal Transportation Security Administration says its agents have been finding a growing number of credit-card knives at inspection checkpoints, including in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.


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5 Airline Employees Busted In Alleged Cash Smuggling Operation At Logan Airport

Several commercial airline employees at Logan Airport are facing conspiracy and money laundering charges for allegedly using their security clearances to smuggle $417,000 in cash past security checkpoints and onto commercial flights.


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Tips On Packing Lightly For Vacation

For the first-time traveler hoping to avoid baggage fees to the experienced globetrotter, the following 10 tips will help teach you how to pack more efficiently and maybe even more safely.



Daily Talker: Should The TSA Be More Polite?

A US Congressman is hoping that hearing “please” and “thank you” will make airport security a slightly more pleasant experience. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Virginia) is warning Transportation Security Administration screeners they need to be more polite, or he’ll pass a law forcing them to be.


Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Celtics Legend Bill Russell Cited For Having Gun At Airport

Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell was cited this week for trying to get on a plane with a loaded gun.


MBTA Emergency Training Center

MBTA Emergency Training Center Opens

The training center makes use of old trolley tracks in a tunnel that were closed in 1919, by what was then the Boston Elevated Railway.


File image of TSA agent (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

9/11 Victims’ Families Relieved TSA Will Not Allow Knives On Planes

The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday it was doing away with a plan to allow passengers to carry small knives and some other formerly banned items onto planes.


(credit: CBS)

TSA Drops Plan To Allow Pocket Knives On Airplanes

The government has dropped its plan to allow travelers to carry small pocket knives, bats and golf clubs onto planes.




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